Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day

 Today I honor my dad.  

There are the typical stories of how much fun we had growing up.  The games, the made up songs and scary stories on warm summer nights when we went camping.  He was always up for an adventure whether it was a mountain to climb, a river to run or some culinary experiment in the kitchen and we had some of those...namely, some sweet and sour sauce that really became a sweet and sour wallpaper paste.  I think we ate it anyways! 

He has always had the most fun with my kids.  There have been times when  he surprised them with his dares and challenges and it made me laugh.  He has taken an interest in their hobbies and hopes and they have always felt loved by their grandpa. 
When I think of my dad...I think of his smile. 

Mom and Dad, Shelbie and Sam in Jackson in 2014. 

Four generations of musical talent.  I love this picture.

This past little while, when I think on why I love my dad, I love that he has been a worthy, righteous man of God.  I love that he loves my mom.  I love that he is a critical thinker.  Whenever he is faced with a problem, he spends a lot of time pondering the solution.  When we were growing up, he rarely raised his voice in anger.  When we would get ourselves into trouble, he would take some time to cool down and think about the consequences.  I've tried to do that as well, but I'm not that good yet.  

I love that he facilitated my mom's hopes and dreams.  He carved out a place in his business for her to excel in hers.  He always supported her porcelain doll hobby and business, hair dressing and quilting. Not only  did he support her in her dreams but he really showed a great deal of interest in them, attending doll shows and getting excited when she won so many awards and ribbons.  

Those are a few things I love about my dad.  Our family has been blessed with his protection, and provisions for us to be the best family we could be.


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