Tuesday, May 9, 2017


It goes on...Life that is.

I need to get back to my daily writing.  It's much easier to journal when it's done daily...hard to believe but it's true.

Anyhow...Had a bit of a surprising weekend.  Shelbie ended up in the ER Saturday evening.  She had mentioned earlier in the day that her leg and back were bothering her but other than taking note, I went on with my day and so did she.  By 9 that night, she was pretty miserable and asked to go to the Urgent Care.  I was pretty concerned that what she was feeling was nerve pain and wondered if those large lymph nodes or the granulomas in her abdomen were getting larger and putting pressure on some nerves so I opted for the ER.

The past 6 months, it's been a crap shoot going to our ER.  For over year, they had awesome docs staffed and it didn't matter who we ended up with, they were kind, compassionate and competent.  Now, not so much.  There are two docs we always seem stuck with and they are not that great so I was really hesitant about going anywhere.

We lucked out and got a good doc.  We hung out for 6 hours until after a few tests, its was determined that she has a pretty bad bulging disk in her lower back and it was putting pressure on the nerve channel and that was causing her pain. I was relieved it wasn't the lymph nodes growing.  In fact, they saw those and they were stable from last year so that's good! I'm mean, it's not good she has a disk problem now but still...She has been in so much pain but it seems the meds are starting to work a bit better today so it seems more manageable.

Sam learned some life lessons this week.  His boss isn't happy that he got a job at the trampoline park.  It kind of upset Sam and we spent a long night discussing the situation.  It will be fine and he's learning a lot about how to handle difficult people.  On a funny note...he has two roommates from Albania and they suggested they have a nice apartment lunch on Sunday.  They said they would be in charge.  So...they ordered a food box from Gobble.com.  Ha ha...Salmon and Chicken and some other fancy food.  Once it arrived, they weren't exactly sure what to do to prepare it so Sam took over.  I'm not sure he really knew what he was doing...I mean, the boy who thrives on a 100 ways to make Ramen.  I guess it turned out great.

Spencer is doing alright.  His arm still isn't healing very well but he is out of the soft cast.  Tomorrow, he has a minor procedure on his thumb and that's unrelated to the arm issue so he may be out of commission a little longer.  He was so sweet on Saturday night.  I got Shelbie home from the ER close to 3 am.  He waited up and had the dishes done, and turned down the covers on my bed!  Isn't that the sweetest thing?   Sometimes, it's just the little things that keep you going.

In other news...I saw May again on Saturday.  I just see her slowing down before my eyes.  The first week she still had so much energy and now, she looks worn out and exhausted and seems like she is giving up the fight. I took her a bag of things I thought she might like but they confiscated everything but the bag of Milky Way and new reading glasses.  That made her really angry.  I called her tonight and she said she hasn't been feeling well yesterday and today.  I wish I knew how to better help her.

So...life.  It's interesting....and it goes on.


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