Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dreams for Sale

What does a dream go for these days?  I suppose it depends on the dream.

It's never easy to sell out; trade in a dream for a different model...

Today, I found myself wading through dreams...some more profound than others.  Some were sold and some are incubating til the time is right.

I love that I got to step away from the computer and sit and watch Sam showcase just a smattering of his Parkour skills at the Gymnastics Center.  Today was the equivalent of a recital for the gymnastics world. Sam works hard and his little struggling heart works harder and his lungs burn and his muscles ache but that's the price of a dream these days,  for Sam at least.


Spencer sold his dream last night.  His van is gone.  The beloved  1985 Vanagon, the one that we all got attached to.  The one that was suppose to carry him out of this world and into one where he could explore and live and expand.  The time isn't right for that dream.  He found that he couldn't gather the resources to outfit it the way he wanted to.  The way he needed to for his dream.  Not all was lost.  He made over $4000 profit on the sale and another young man, with the very same dream will give it a shot.

And Shelbie...She's still dreaming.  Searching for that one thing that fills all the voids and seals the cracks of sorrow with gold.   Tonight, she is with her friends in Utah at the Lantern Festival and I think, when she lights that lantern and sets it free, a little bit of her heart will go along for the ride.

Just a thought:
                         "When a flower doesn't bloom we fix the environment in which it was planted,                      we don't try to fix the flower." Alexander Den Heijer

So often, we try to fix people when maybe it's not the person that needs fixing... So often, we try to fix ourselves into something different but maybe it isn't us that needs fixin'.  Have you ever wondered about that?

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  1. I saw that video on fb! He was so great! And I love that quote.