Sunday, April 16, 2017


I haven't spent as much time as I should have this week, thinking about the life of Christ.  But this weekend, my favorite thoughts on the resurrection of Christ have stuck with me.

I find it interesting that in the week leading up to Christ's crucifixion he was close to his disciples and those who loved him were close to him.  He laid out the plan to them at various times.   He told them of his impending death but also that he would be raised on the third day.  He didn't explain this just once but more than once.  Though they were taught, they didn't understand.

From the tragedy on Friday, to the miracle on Sunday, they forgot the promises Christ had made, except Mary.  She stayed close to Jesus even after his death.  She was the first to find the empty tomb.  John didn't leave like the other disciples had either.  He was one of Jesus' most faithful disciples and friends yet he didn't understand Christ when he had said he would be raised on the third day.  Even still, he stuck around.  John was always close to Jesus even when he didn't understand.

I like this Easter thought because I wish I was more like John.  I wish that when I am stuck in the 'Saturday's' of life, the days of not quite tragedy but short on miracles, that I stayed close to Christ.  I wish I didn't always flee like the other disciples did.   I wish I could always remember that promises, the miracles.  I wish I always had understanding of the promises.  I wish I was more faithful even when I don't understand.  Instead, I become short on energy, direction and even hope.  I can see no meaningful way to the miracles that I know are waiting...If I just wait, believe, hope and stay close.

Last year, I read a book by Max Lucado called He Chose the Nails.  In a chapter, he talks about a night he and his wife had reservations to eat at a fancy country club.  They arrived at their reserved time but since he wasn't wearing a jacket, they were turned away.  He begged and pleaded but the Host was not going to bend the rules.  Max asked if there was any other way around the rule.  The man left for a moment and returned from a back room with a lime green jacket that was too small for Max.  He put it on anyways, and they were led to a table.  He goes on to say...

      "The seats at God's table are not available for the sloppy. But who among us is anything but? Unkempt morality.  Untidy truth.  Careless with people.  Our moral clothing is in disarray.  Yes, the standard for sitting at God's table is high, but the love of God for his children is higher.  So, he offers a gift.  Not a lime colored jacket but a robe.  A seamless robe.  Not a garment pulled out of a cloakroom but a robe worn by his Son, Jesus."

       I love that quote.  I love as he goes on to explain that Jesus wore a seamless robe that was woven in one piece from top to bottom.  In Jewish tradition, a mother would make a seamless robe for her son as a departure gift when he left home.  Even Christ's clothing symbolized his character; he was perfect...seamless.

      During Gethsemane, Christ removed that perfect covering, seamless from His perfect Heaven to our filthy Earth, gave it lovingly to us and traded it for our patched together, tattered and torn, sin stained remnants.  He did this because he loves us.  His love changes us if we let it.

    Even though I missed most of this week in a spiritual sense,  I often think of this.  I reminded my kids last night as we drove home late that we need to stick around to see what's coming next...the miracles that is.  We know and understand, more than the disciples did so God is counting on us to wait upon his plans.  So wait we will...that doesn't mean it will be easy but our anxious waiting will be understood at least by one who has lived this before.  What blessings and miracles come because of this Easter day.




  1. Thanks for this post. Thanks for mentioning the book "He Chose The Nails". I have had a rough few weeks and this weekend has been especially hard. I immediately downloaded the book and started reading, it helped me tremendously.

  2. Traci, I'm sorry to hear that you are having a hard week. I hope you like that book. I loved his stories and parables and how they enlightened my mind about Christ. Hang in there, life is just hard. Let me know if you need a soft place to land...I'm around.