Monday, March 27, 2017

Time and Money

I think I quit my job tonight.  I have not been feeling well all weekend and at work tonight, I was talking to the HR person and they have been having a hard time finding a person for the new clinic 20 minutes away but a few options for their clinic here in town.  I kind of just said, "They can have this job." It was my sleepy brain talking. I wasn't even shocked when I heard myself say that.  I just really don't care.

As the conversation went on, I suggested that maybe I would take the smaller clinic 20 minutes away. I think for so long, I've been trying to find a way to quit that job.  It is part of why I feel horrible all the time but I have had a hard time justifying the loss of half my income.  The smaller clinic only has one bathroom as opposed to 9 bathrooms.  It would be easier for me to manage with my declining health but a huge pay cut!  A huge pay cut but with commuting would take me the same amount of time, if not more each night.

Sometimes in life, it comes down to deciding where to cut your losses.  In this situation, it comes down to stress and money.  The current job is 4000 sq. feet of stress...every night!   The new location would be 1200 sq. feet of not so much stress.

I have two days to give my official notice.  It will be two days of crunching numbers to see how realistic it will be.  I really need to let some stress go...Man, I hate hard decisions.


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