Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stories that connect us

At the end of the aisle, sat a man on a scooter, waiting patiently while his wife sorted through the skeins of yarn.  He looked vaguely familiar and so did she but I was in a hurry find some fabric and leave.  I could feel him staring at me so I looked over and he smiled.

"Do you remember me?" He asked.  He looked vaguely familiar but wasted no time in telling me all about the accident he almost died in last year which was the reason for the scooter.  It didn't take long for me to fall into his story.  After 15 or 20 minutes, I still couldn't really place him but I felt like I had always known him.  A strange connection.   When we were through visiting, I said goodbye and overheard him tell his wife that it had been a long time since he was able to visit with me.  

There is no real reason for that story but it was a great reminder that we are all connected in the stories we tell.

It has been a quiet weekend and the kids were all in a pretty good place and actually got out to be with friends and do the things they love.  The weather was pretty good too I think...I didn't get out, obviously.

Funny story.  On Friday night, I was so tired I was dizzy.  It was only about 10 pm and I couldn't stay awake one more second.  My Lupus has been in overdrive and I keep meaning to get to the doctor for an injection but haven't had time, so I took a muscle relaxer, some anti inflammatory pills and a sleeping pill. I was out!  I slept through Shelbie and Spencer coming home and trying to wake me up to tell me about their evening and I slept until 8:00am on Saturday.  I even slept longer than the kids and they were a little disturbed by that.

Sam came home early to grab some things he needed for his little road trip to Utah and came in my room where I was just waking up and said, "MOM!  What's wrong? Why are you just laying there?  Are you sick?"  I had to laugh.  I have never slept longer than my kids... I have always gotten up way before them and have been showered and dressed before I would wake them up for school so it is strange for them to see me in bed.  

Anyways, the sleep was great!  Saturday, not so great but I'm not complaining. Tonight, I am scrambling to get my taxes done.  I have an aversion to taxes.  It never ends well for me and the IRS scares me.  I think that's why I leave it to the very last minute even though every year, I vow I will keep up on things weekly.  I love broken promises!  Here's my table tonight...entering a year's worth of information into Quick books!  I know what you're thinking...I didn't realize there was a skull on the table while I was working until I took this picture.  I figure that's an appropriate mascot to have while doing taxes.  You know what they say...death and taxes.

I meant to post this picture a few weeks ago.  The kids' little sister was able to come over to see them.  She loves Spencer's van and loves being with her brothers and sister.  So, I had this idea to park his van in the garage and take the projector out to watch her Strawberry Shortcake movie in his van. I hooked up a little space heater and had some treats.  It was kind of fun.  My kids love her to death! She is so sweet.

That's our weekend review.  This week, I'm still waiting for the docs from NIH to call and I have penned a frustrated email to our Utah team which I am trying to determine if I should send it or not.  I understand they need time to make a plan...but seriously.

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