Monday, March 20, 2017

I'd Wanna Be Me Too!

There's a popular song on the radio and the chorus says, "If I were you, I'd wanna be me too!"

I kind of laugh every time I hear that song because no one ever says they wish they were me.  People have started using my name in derogatory ways.  Seriously!  I have lost track of how many people have said to me..."Gosh, I've been pulling a KATHY."

At first I was a little puzzled by that sentence...what does that mean exactly? They went on to explain that everything in their life was going wrong just like it always is in my life. I'm thinking if you looked up my name in the Urban Dictionary, it would read something like this...

Kathy- (Ka-thee) when nothing goes right.  Everything goes wrong.
          "It's a Kathy kind of day."  "I feel like Kathy."  "What a Kathy kind of week!"

I even had a doctor comment that her life felt like mine!  Her mom got really sick, her father in law died, her sister went into liver failure all in the space of a couple of months.  When she was telling me her story, she said, "I was seriously living a Kathy kind of life!  It sucked!"  Ha ha...It kind of makes me laugh.

But...not all is lost!  I actually had one of my clients I clean for tell me she was so jealous of me!!  I almost collapsed on her kitchen floor.

"What in the world?  Why would you be jealous of me?  Is it my girlish figure?  My purple car with the paint chipping off the bumper?  The fact I get to clean toilets all day?  What do I have to make you envious of?"

She laughed then said, "You don't have any kids in public school!  You don't have to buy school supplies!  Deal with cranky teachers!"

Ha ha, yes, it's true!  Life is good now that public school is done and over with.  I still find myself breathing a little easier knowing geometry is a thing of the past! Two more weeks and Sam will have one semester of college under his belt!  Really proud of him.  It hasn't been easy.  He is trying to figure out if he is going to register for the second semester.  Stay tuned.


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