Friday, January 6, 2017

Impeccable Timing

Today is one for the books...

It actually started last night when discovering that the microwave was broken.  I thought it was not running well for the past couple of weeks but didn't think much of it until it took 6 minutes to heat a slice of pizza until it was just under cold. The front door handle broke last night too.

This morning, I had to drive to Salt Lake for a presentation with some clients but upon entering the shower, there was no water! Not even a little tiny drop.  I checked all the sinks, toilets and nothing.  No water.  I spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out what to do but I really needed to be on the road in order to arrive to my meeting on time.  I threw on some clothes, did my make-up in less than 90 seconds and texted my home teacher to see if he had any ideas.

He came right over and then thought to check the main water valve in the basement.  It didn't seem terribly cold but there was water dripping from the pipe where the house meets the city pipes...7' underground and in my family room where it was room temperature.  He suggested we put a space heater on it so I did.  We went upstairs and Shelbie stumbles up announcing she is sick and nauseous which was great timing since we had no water!

As we stood there deliberating, all the faucets I had turned on to coax a drip out, started spewing water!  I was so happy!  I did some last minute things to make Shelbie comfortable and took off.

The roads were crazy!  There were parts that were a white out from the high winds.  Just outside of Salt Lake, it went from dry to solid ice.  Cars were going 80 mph and hit that ice and began sliding everywhere, hitting the concrete barrier, overturned on the shoulder...It was like driving through a mine field.  I couldn't believe I made it through that mess in one piece. It took me just over 4 hours to get there.

After my 3 hour meeting, I came straight home and again, the roads were an issue.  It took me nearly 5 hours.  At one point, an hour from home, there was a massive pile up of 8 cars.  The Interstate traffic was at a dead stop and emergency vehicles were trying to get through the traffic jam to the victims. there were 4 ambulances, 8 police cars, fire trucks.  Car parts and pieces were all over the road it was a scary mess.

After the day I had, I thought how very lucky I was...blessed!  If I had been just seconds sooner, I would have been involved in all those wrecks I drove through.   We were blessed the pipe didn't burst and flood the basement.  It's so odd to me that a pipe buried 7' under the ground would freeze solid.  It's crazy.   I don't understand what I was to learn from that part of the day.

All is well that ends well.


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