Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Christmas already feels so yesterday!  How does that even happen?

We had a good Christmas celebration.  My parents arrived safe and sound from the Great White North of Canada, but ironically, we are stuck in the great white!  Talk about snow.  We have some.  More than enough.  It's been a very long time since I saw snow accumulation like we have had.  It's so beautiful and picturesque.

With everyone home, it was peace on earth around here.

My kids surprised me again this year!  They gave me a set of silver stack rings with their names engraved on them.  I love them. I was so completely surprised when I opened them.

On Christmas Eve, we went to visit May and take her a gift and some treats.  We knocked on her door and heard nothing.  We tried the handle and it was unlocked so we peeked inside.  It was cleaned out! Everything was gone except some mail that sat on the counter and her tricycle filled with stuff in the baskets.  I was very concerned about where she went.  She had recently stopped by my house to get some advice on her broken down car.  While she was visiting, I noticed that she walked with a limp and asked her what was wrong.  She said her leg was very sore and hot to the touch.  She figured it was just an infection.  I thought maybe it was a blood clot and urged her to see the doctor.  I always make it a point to ask her how the apartment is working out and she said it was fine.  She made no mention of letting it go or moving on .

We are pretty worried about where she is and how she is doing.

It's so sad to me how fleeting the Spirit of Christmas is.  I wonder if part of the spirit we love so much is the time we spend in planning the gift giving part of the holiday?  All you ever hear, is that it isn't about the gifts but really...it is!  Not so much in the receiving but in the giving. Its in receiving the gift of Christ and then giving away that light to those around us.  Sometimes, that light comes in a tangible gift.  That's the only explanation I have.  My tree is still up.  The lights that adorn it still twinkle.  The pictures of Christ, the thoughts of Christ...those are still there too, yet something is different; missing.

My one consolation is that the first of the year is almost here and that means another year edition of 29 Gifts!  It's coming soon so stay tuned!


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