Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Bedtime Story- 2

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the town
People were harried and rushing around.

You wonder what they'd been doing all year,
"Christmas is coming..oh my... oh dear!
My list is so long, I'll never be done,
I'll hurry and scurry, to buy for everyone!"

It was quite a sight to wander the stores,
People were busy with tempers galore.
I thought, "What a stress this season has become
Have they forgotten Christ and just come undone?"

I headed back home, to hide from the crowd
on my way out the door,  the bells rang so loud.
A box at the entrance was full of new toys,
for Angels with nothing, to bring them great joy.

I drove down the street and there to my wonder
some boys handing cocoa to the plow driver yonder
There's hope in this world, I thought to myself
as I passed an old woman who needed some help

I almost forgot the thoughts in my heart
but slammed on my brakes to give a jumpstart.
The weather was cold and my fingers were numb
but my heart sang with joy as I started to hum.

And then down the road, a lady in woe
with shovel in hand, she was clearing the snow.
I stopped without thought and took over the chore
and cleared out her driveway the snow was no more.

With hope now restored, my soul feeling lighter,
I got to my house, it seemed so much brighter.
I had just settled in with another 'to do',
When a knock at the door redirected my view

I opened it slowly, no one ever comes by
but with the view of the step, I wanted to cry.
Boxes of food and presents were there,
two smiling faces, a spirit to share.

I wanted to cry but showed awe instead
A loneliness lifted a soul had been fed.
These days have been hard, a little too much
But this was just right, a heart they did touch.

So, as this week starts to pick up speed,
Heading straight into Christmas, remember this plea.
There is more to this holiday as you already know
It's the love we give that sets the world all aglow.

It's not always easy this season of gifts,
Everyone's love is what makes the shift.
A big Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
One day out of many, we'll be of good cheer.



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