Friday, November 4, 2016

Blessings abound

It's been such a busy day just trying to restore order to the house.  Sam did a great job of cleaning up after himself but I left it a wreck.  The vacuum had been broken a few days before I left and was in the repair shop, the washer was in pieces and the garage was full of junk that was in my car to take to the thrift store but when everything happened so unexpectedly, I just dumped it wherever I could and left.

Today, I got the vacuum back, the washer got fixed, laundry is nearly done, I made it to the thrift store, bills got paid and a bunch of other things.

I had a great surprise when two of my friends came over to haul an old chair to the dump that has been taking up residence in the garage.  They also took some things that I was going to try to sell and they are going to take care of all that for me.  It is probably the greatest thing anyone could do for me this week!  I was so relieved.  Everything felt like it was crashing in on me...I know, weird.  Some people appreciate meals...I just appreciate getting junk out of my way!!  When my life feels overwhelming, the first thing I do is throw everything out!  Order is everything to me.

I was going to sell a handcarved rocking chair that my Wasband made for me when Shelbie was born.  As I was moving it, I got a little nostalgic and couldn't part with it.

Aside from the mundane chores, it was a tough morning.  I left early because Shelbie was sleeping and since Sam was at his dad's and Spencer is in Utah working, I thought she would sleep all morning and I could get my errands run.  She called me as I was almost home and couldn't get up the stairs from her room in the basement.  I felt bad for leaving.  She didn't wait for me to get home so she crawled up them.  She refuses to take my bedroom which would be so much easier on her and me really,  I could care less about the kind of room I sleep in.

She has a photo shoot in the morning up in the Teton Valley so Sam drove her up there to look around in order to find a good place to do the photos.  The house was so quiet and then everything that happened this week caught up to me.  I make every effort to keep myself together and positive for the kids when they are around.  It helps them cope better and we get back into our groove sooner, or so I like to think.  There weren't even gone 10 minutes and I couldn't stop crying.

When my friends came to the door, the 2nd wave of tears hit.  It was more an overwhelming feeling of being blessed, mixed with sadness that Shelbie had to crawl up the stairs.

The kids got home just after I pulled myself together so it was good timing.  It was so nice to visit together with our friends.  That in itself is often the greatest service because we always feel so isolated and lonely.  It was perfect.

This afternoon, my friend and owner of the architectural company I use to work for came over to look at my wall that leaks water.  Another amazing blessing.  The foundation was built for brick but they ended up putting cultured stone so water is leaking from the top of the foundation wall where there are no finishes and they didn't use flashing or anything else they were suppose to.  He has some guys who are going to come and take off about 2' of stone and lay down some ice and water shield and then some flashing, then re-stone it.  He has been swamped with work so I am going to do some contract work for them to trade the bill to repair my house!

I really feel that Heavenly Father is taking good care of us.  Shelbie went to sleep right after our friends left and she woke up about an hour ago.  She is really dizzy and nauseated.  I took her blood pressure and it is still really low.  I gave her some nausea meds and put her back to bed in my room.  I really hope it's just from being so tired and a change in meds.  I have a little pizza party planned for her and her friends tonight.  She has some great friends and they have missed her so much.  They were going to watch movies and snack.

Today has been full of great things.  Each day, I'm sure we will cope better than we did today.


  1. You are such a great mom! Sometimes a good cry can be very cleansing. The opportunity to wash the stress away and move forward.