Monday, November 28, 2016

Around we go...

Updates from the trenches include the good, the bad and the ugly...

Sam has turned the corner on the pneumonia!  Hooray!  He is up and around and it seems that for now, things are improving with the antibiotics.  He threw me a curve ball this afternoon when I got home from meetings and a doctor appointment with Spencer...He's moving out!

Gah!!  I thought I had successfully convinced him that saving $1200 would be the way to go.  I reminded him of all the wonderful things he could buy for $1200 instead of paying rent.  I told him how much we would miss him.  I made him think life would stop without him here!  Just kidding...I didn't do any of that.  Well, I do think it's a waste of money to spend on apartment living when you have a home 2 miles from the college you attend.

Alas, he's Mr. Independent and the pull from his friends is greater than his dear old mom.  I realize he will only be living 4 miles away but still! My kids are my friends and I love their company so much.  Not seeing him everyday or having family dinners together every night or family home evening will be so sad.  I'm not sure how to transition when he will be so close.

With Spencer gone it was hard but he was in another State so I really knew there was no way those traditions could happen.  Oh well, I will survive this I'm sure.

Spencer!  Poor Spencer.  We saw our Ophthalmologist this afternoon.  If you are local, I'm giving a shout out to Dr. Josh Fullmer.  He rocks as a doctor.  He is so kind and thoughtful.  He called me early this morning, even before the clinic opened to see how Spencer was doing.  Not many doctors are that mindful.  He fit Spence into the schedule and Spencer has an autoimmune disease called Scleritis.  His immune system has attacked his eyeball.  It creates extreme pain, vision loss, swelling and inflammation.  The treatment is steroid eye drops which we have been doing since Saturday but that isn't making a difference so far.  Dr. Fullmer wants to give it a few more days to see if it will work.  If not, he will switch to oral steroids.  It can be hard to treat and can last for weeks.

I tell you, that boy is being tried right now.  I feel so sorry for him.  It's tough. He's busy with work and when you can't see much out of one eye, it makes being a videographer a little difficult.

This morning, I had to go to a lab in the City to get my blood drawn.  NIH is testing me for Dyskeratosis Congenita.  To say this makes me anxious is an understatement.  At this point, I have opted out from having them send me the results.  It makes my kids so angry that I am refusing to find out.  I don't care.  I know my head, I have more than enough to deal with emotionally, I don't need that looming like a dark cloud.

I have decided not to call the doctor about Shelbie's incident on Wednesday night.  We have her transfusion again this week so I'm waiting to see if anything comes of it before I get worked up.

We are off on another busy and insane week.  I am trying to get some projects wrapped up and applying for a job that I really, really want.  I am hoping to hear soon.  It would make for a very happy Christmas for me if it worked out.  Still, I worry if I can do it, especially if the new year continues like this entire year has been.  I'm leaving it up to God and see what he has in store.


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