Sunday, November 20, 2016

All the light we can not see

Do you spend much time looking at the night sky?  We just had the opportunity to see the Super Moon but honestly, I missed it.  I was distracted and when I did remember, it wasn't the optimal time and clouds hid the moon, super or not. All I saw was a cloudy dark sky.

Spencer recently took this picture of the Milky Way at night, up in the mountains about an hour from home. He loves shooting pictures at night.  By leaving the shutter open, he is able to capture amazing images like this as his camera collects all the light from the stars.   This picture has not been edited or changed to create more or less than what you see.

When he showed me this picture, I was amazed.  I couldn't stop looking at it.   How many times do we look Heavenward and see nothing but a few stars, the constellations we learned in 1st grade and maybe a glimpse of the Milky Way if the moon and clouds are just right.

I can't help but think about how this picture is a metaphor for life here in mortality.  It is so easy to be distracted, weighed down, even worldly in our pursuit of some definition of happiness and joy.  Troubles toil and trials come and we can so easily become beset with darkness that surrounds us.  We offer up prayers to Heaven in hopes that He will rescue us in our first, fresh moments of despair and angst.  When all we see are more problems, we give up, curse God and think he doesn't care.  We become exasperated with His silence and wonder what the point to a heartfelt prayer was in the first place if he isn't going to answer?

Remember back to summer?  You look up on a warm summer's night when the air is still and crickets keep time and contentment rests gently all around, and the big dipper sits right where it always is in the night sky.  The Big Dipper is predictable and easy to spot. We think that God is too.  We have in our mind, what seems to be the easiest way to fix our problems yet the easy way never comes.  God isn't about shortcuts and easy ways out just because we are.

This is a lesson I have learned over the years; God is never where you expect him to be but that doesn't mean he isn't here, close by, filling us with light and love.

Like this picture of Spencer's, His light is always there!  His love surrounds us in ways we can't even see!  Step outside tonight, look up into that dark sky...look at all the light you can not see!  Isn't it amazing and miraculous?

I know I have a long ways to go but I have tried to see more clearly, all the ways I am being blessed even when it seems there are no blessings to be had.  It's a powerful astounding thought.

Today, in church, we talked briefly about the miracle of Jesus giving sight to a blind man.  Now, if I were in the business of granting miracles, I would probably, simply, perform a miracle.  Like, touch the blind man's eyes and voila!  He has sight.   Simple, straightforward, even predictable.

But not Jesus...He first spit into the dirt, made a clay with that and then rubbed it across the blind man's eyes then told him to go wash it off in the Pool of Siloam.  That's a little complicated don't you think?  It struck me in class that this is exactly how we should consider God to work all the little miracles we expect and require of him.  He isn't a Wizard.  He doesn't wander through our life with a magic wand, striking all the bad things into better.  He teaches us.  We have to trust Him, feel after Him, obey Him.  We have to look for him and when you don't readily find him where you think he should be, look harder, he's there.  He will be found exactly where he needs to be, working on a masterpiece of sanctification.  Step by step...he comes, miracles are felt in all the light we can not see.


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  1. Beautiful post Kathy. You truly have a gift for writing and expressing things that the rest of us feel but could never put into words. Thank you.