Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Views and Vistas

It's been hard keeping up with this hectic pace of life we find ourselves in.  Some things have had to fall by the wayside, my writing being one of the casualties.

So...let's play catch up.

This past weekend, Sam and I took a little road trip up to Missoula, Montana on Saturday to say goodbye to my parents who are hanging up the American flag chapter of their life and heading home to Canada.   Shelbie and Spencer both had weddings to work so they couldn't come to see their favorite Grands!  

It was a perfectly rainy day, most of the way, and I loved it.  A rainbow followed along beside us for many, many miles.  At one point, it was so vibrant and perfect, I actually pulled over to take a picture. I wasn't the only one who was smitten, several cars pulled over to soak in the beautiful, vibrant colors.   This picture hardly does it justice...

We enjoyed a nice lunch together and then took off to come home.  It was sad to say goodbye.  Really sad.  Something about new chapters and change that are hard.  It was great to reminisce at lunch.  On the way home, I spent all 5 hours thinking about all the great memories I have from growing up and what a gift my family is.  We have our share of dysfunction and little quirks here and there and life is busy for all of us and we become consumed in the business of making life work, so we often find ourselves disconnected but when we are together, it's like we never left.  And it is in all those memories that makes saying goodbye a little bit harder.

Great adventures await them and I am excited that all my family will be so close to one another now.  They will be just 10 minutes from my sister and only 2 and 3 hours from my other sister and brother.  Family is meant to be close.  When you sift away all the chaos of the world, you are left with what really matters most- each other.

I'm not sure when or if my life will change course and move back to Canada.  Maybe someday, I will find myself home.

I covered a lot of miles last week.  Without a Utah trip, I had to  play catch up at work.  I spent one day in Alpine, and the the surrounding areas becoming acquainted with a new project- A home remodel, airplane hanger and Pilots lounge.  The architecture was done by the company I use to work for and it will be amazing!  I will be doing all the materials and finishes and creating a 'theme' for the pilot's lounge.  I have never done anything quite like it before so it will breathe a little fresh air into my work.

From here, there will soon be a new great room, an amazing outdoor living patio complete with a pond and waterfalls.
Switching gears...I was asked to do a restoration project on a house on the other end of Wyoming which I traveled to the following day last week.  I was not prepared for this one!  It is a house that has been forgotten!  That seems to be the theme of my life the past couple of months...something I'm still pondering on.

There is something so intriguing about the lost and forgotten.  The dying but not yet dead.  To watch something come alive again is a fascinating, albeit overwhelming process but therein lies the purpose and point.

I love to imagine what this house was once like when it was breathing with life.

I could look at this picture all day...I don't quite understand how you just forget something like this. 
This week, the most unexpected happened...after living in potato country for 24 years, my boys decided that they wanted to work the spud harvest!  They have been hired on to the largest farm in the area, at least to my knowledge, the largest farm...it's a 40 min. drive North of here and they will be working from 8am until midnight!  I'm not super excited about it but they are!  They were suppose to start yesterday but they've been rained out so maybe tomorrow.  I worry that they will have the stamina to do such long hours but boys will be boys!

We have another week off from medical stuff.  Next week, Sam will have his eye check and his bone marrow biopsy.  While we were headed up to Missoula, he lost his vision so I will be happy to be seeing a doctor so soon after an event.

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