Sunday, October 23, 2016


Trouble is brewing in our neck of the woods.

I did end up having to take Shelbie in to the Urgent Care this morning.  They sent her on up to the hospital for an ultrasound because her leg is in terrible shape and they thought she had a blood clot.  The ultrasound was negative for a blood clot so they sent us back to our doctor and they decided to treat it for cellulitis.

Cellulitis is a bad, bad deal but, I'm just not convinced it's going to be so easy.  Not that cellulitis is ever easy but this does not seem like cellulitis to me.  I think something is very wrong with her entire lymphatic system and I'm not sure this isn't going to end her up in the hospital in Utah.  I'm pretty anxious about it actually.

Before leaving the clinic, they gave her a shot of Rocefin and sent us home with antibiotics.  They said if it isn't significantly better in 36 hours, then we needed to go to the ER.  It's not any better.  I realize it's only been a few hours since we got home around 2 this afternoon but it is still increasing in pain and size.  Tonight, she is running a very low grade fever but hasn't had one until just a bit ago.

This issues is on the heels of the new, large lymph nodes that showed up under her arm just a couple of weeks ago, on the same side of the body as this leg problem.

I hope I'm wrong about this.  I really do.  I will feel so bad for her if this gets complicated.  She has been extremely busy with work, like 12-15 photo shoots a week.  Just swamped and that trend is continuing clear into December.  She is so good at what she does and people beg and plead for her to make room for them.  There will be a mountain of disappointment if she can't work for a few weeks.  It will be a sad deal and she will be the most upset about it.

There are other complications as well.  Shelbie has a connective tissue disorder that we don't talk about much but it means she has very little collagen to keep her skin, blood vessels and joints tight.  It is a big problem in her joints because she is prone to dislocations.  In her skin, she gets stretch marks like crazy.  This swelling is breaking apart her skin in horrible ways!  There is no way for her skin to recover even when the swelling goes down. No young woman wants to deal with that.  I have tried to keep her leg wrapped up tight in compression bandages but that isn't working.  And, I fear all this extra fluid is going to start stressing her heart.

It's way more complicated than it seems and tonight, as I sit here alone, it feels an awful lot like a rerun of this past February when her nightmare for the year got underway.    


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