Monday, October 17, 2016

Affordable Care-less

As much as I hate dealing with finances and insurance, I had to today.

For just over 2 hours, I was dealing with insurance alone.  The girl I was talking to forever was very patient and also very apologetic that the company she represents sucks!  The sad thing is, it sucks less than my other choices on the exchange.

I ramble and rant from time to time about how much I hate insurance...of any kind really.  You pay so much and get so little in return.  Just so you know I'm not exaggerating and making numbers is what I received today from my health insurance company, on one child- Spencer.

These numbers are after I met our $2250.00 deductible on one child.
Total charges this year for one kid- $35,589
Amount not covered by insurance- $19,614.74
Amount insurance has paid- $14,344.80
Patient Responsibility- $5,527.08 plus the co-insurance of $1629.48 I have to cover

There is still another $12,000 yet to be processed and they are already fixin' to deny some of that! These figures don't include any pharmaceuticals or my monthly premium.  And, there are still two months left in the year, and next year, I start all over again.   So, with my responsibility left and the amount I have paid in deductible and co-insurance...I owe over $8000.

$17,731.00 for a bone marrow biopsy!  One biopsy.  Without sedation. why I can't sleep at night.  This is why I work a dozen jobs.  This is the reality of living with a chronic disease in this country and this is why this country is in trouble.  My little country is in trouble.  How is it possible that everyday choices now have to be made with consideration of life and death in a literal sense?

It is time to sign up for another toxic year on Obama's affordable healthcare and to be honest I'm not sure what to do because I can't afford another year of this.  Sadly, this disease is progressive, it's not likely we are going to have a quiet, easy-going 2017.

I'm sure, like I do every year, I will put it in God's hands and trust that somehow, it will work out, but that takes an enormous amount of faith and hope. I don't advertise these numbers for pity or sympathy and surely not hand-outs or go fund mes.  I just think this country needs to wake up!  An election is 20 something days away and we are being riddled and bombarded with lies and deception.  The media is side tracking people with made up stories and variations of truth and we follow along like sheep in the very direction they herd us.

I don't even understand how we ended up here.  How any of us ended up here!  It is the saddest thing in the world to see a President and would be Presidents care more about their own agenda and less for their country that was once great, and good and kind.  They care less and it shows.



  1. So true. I hope we really can wake up this year.

  2. I so agree Kathy. It's so sad to me that this is where we are. My daughter's knee surgery (1 of 3 she will have to have) would have cost almost $20,000 just for the hospital. That doesn't even include the doctor, anasthesiologist etc. Day surgery, not even admitted. It's just insanity. I don't know how we got here either, and it makes me so sad to think what kind of world my 2 little grandsons are going to grow up in.