Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wonders Among You

I was reminded in some reading I did recently of the scripture in Joshua when he said to his discouraged people...

                      "Sanctify yourselves; for tomorrow, the Lord will do wonders among you."

I realized, after some thought and pondering that I cling to this hope more than I recognized.  There are days, a lot of days, even most days, when all I see is the lousy world in which we live and exhausting effort it takes to live in this lousy world, it's hard to see anything better coming tomorrow.

So, I try to see the wonders of the day.  Sometimes, the wonder I find is lame but it's a start.

But this week, I am in wonder at my kids.  Shelbie is doing a remarkable job with her photography.  She truly has a gift.  People call her the baby whisperer because she is so amazing with all her newborns.   She has been really busy this month and books up weeks and weeks in advance.

Spencer has been working to get his videography business going and so far so good.  He has a wedding already done and two this weekend and a few scheduled for the remainder of the year.  It's awesome to see him moving forward in life despite all the things he has had to go through this past year.

Sam has been surprising me daily.  He spent an afternoon last week getting all applied for College.  I was so shocked when he announced to me that same evening that it was all done- even the essay part!  He is also getting things in order to open a missionary application.  We are thinking by November, when he gets all his biopsy stuff and other check ups out of the way, he will be sending in the papers to see if he might be eligible to serve.

That's about it.  Spencer is still experiencing some pain and discomfort from the loop recorder procedure.  Here's the thing I don't understand...I get all these reports through MyChart and they say that the recorder is picking up all sorts of abnormalities but then they note that it is only significant if there are symptoms to go with it.  Well, there are symptoms, but apparently not the kind that they care about.  Only I care about the fact that he is dizzy and feels like passing out all day I guess.

Oh well, I'm done worrying about that, or at least I tell myself that.  It's a wonder to me how resilient a human is and how we hope beyond hope for better days even when those better days don't arrive.

Check out Spencer's first wedding video...I love it.  You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and is his website.


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