Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Little Bits of Blessings

        We made it to Salt Lake tonight after a crazy drive!  It's been a long time since I have driven in such a horrible storm for nearly three solid hours!  The rain was coming down in sheets and  the wind was driving it across the highway in gale force, gusts.  Lightening surrounded us.  Bolts of lightening drilled into the ground in groups of 3-5 bolts, while others dashed across the sky above us.  The flashes of light against the moonless sky was blinding.  At times, I couldn't even see the lines in on the highway that were quickly drowning as the road turned to river and I lost traction several times.  I tried to follow the tail lights of the car in front of me but they were headed off the road so I hugged the rumble strip and held the steering wheel just a little tighter.

Sheesh!  That was the longest, horrible drive EVER!

      This week has turned out better than I anticipated.  Sam's procedure to remove his toenail for the second time went alright.  The doctor was perplexed as to how it became so diseased.  Sam had it removed the first time two years ago due to cellulitis that was under the nail.  We thought it had been cleared up but I guess not.  It hasn't been the same and the rare times he complained about it, I forgot to make the appointment to get him in.  It just finally got out of hand and I get the bad mom award for leaving it too long!  I should have known better than to let it go, especially in a kid without an immune system to speak of.  He has managed the pain really well.

      Since our trip to Utah last week, I have seen little bits of blessings here and there.  On our way home last week, Shelbie was hit by a tire on the highway.  It did some significant damage to the front end of her car.  All week long, she has referred to that accident several times, saying things like,  "The other reason I think I was blessed..." and will then proceed to state why that was a blessing.  Her ability to see past the negative things was inspiring to me.  She really was blessed and the car can be fixed.

       Last week, while I was visiting with my cousin at Huntsman, she said something really interesting.  Before her husband left their hometown to obtain treatment at Huntsman, she challenged people in her ward to listen to the spirit and if they had a thought to do something for her family or anyone else, then they should act on that so that she wouldn't have to ask for help.  She then went on to share so many examples of when they were blessed because people acted on their first impressions. The help always came before she had to ask.

     I thought about how many times I ignore a feeling or impression and how many times someone else may have suffered needlessly because for whatever reason, I didn't do what the Spirit was prompting me to do.  I decided to try and do better this week.

    In some cases, what I felt impressed to do was more than just a phone call and put me back a few hours in what I needed to get done for the day but somehow, I managed.   I noticed that everyday since last Friday, I have been led to help someone or connect with someone.  Without a doubt, even the little text messages I felt impressed to send, made the biggest difference to the receiver but it kept me going too.  I think that has made all the difference in how this week could have gone.

     Today alone has been rough in terms of financial garbage but rather than fall apart, I kept it together.  I received a collection letter and got a phone call from a different hospital from Spencer's Salmonella days.  They were demanding payment while I was talking to them.  They somehow think it's okay to wait for nearly a year before even sending out the first bill.  I haven't even had the bill in my hands for 15 days and they are demanding payment in full.  I politely laughed at her opposed to getting rowdy with her.  So, that's an improvement this week!  ;) will go in the Overwhelm pile of bills that might get paid before I die.

     At any rate...despite the ongoing trouble, I think we will make it through!  Actually, it could be so much worse.  I've been struggling with my health since last Saturday.  I thought is was just a Lupus flare and kept me in bed most of Sunday, by Tuesday night, I ended up with this crazy, painful rash on my back and my first thought was Shingles and I was horrified at that thought!  By this morning, it was clear that it's Lupus and not Shingles.  I'm not sure why that seems much better in my head but it does.  I can barely move and nerve pain from the rash is rough and my kidneys are on fire but this too shall pass...I hope.  Anyways, I'm vertical so that's all that matters.  A little bit of a blessing that I can keep moving and keep doing what needs to be done this week.

      More updates on the heart procedure tomorrow...the saga continues.


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