Friday, July 1, 2016

Looking Ahead

As our Pulmonologist, Dr. S promised, she met with our Cardiologist Dr. W. on Monday afternoon to discuss Shelbie's situation.  I've spent a great deal of the week, working with the Medical Assistants to get all the testing scheduled and our team assembled and appointments with each specialty co-ordinated.  After all that work, a nurse called me yesterday to say she wanted to move Shelbie's appointment with the Oncologist a week ahead, leaving the two boys.  I would have normally said yes but the thought of redoing everything we have worked so hard on this week, felt like a bridge too far.  It would be impossible to three other docs to move their schedules so we could come a week early.

It's going to be a heap of things and it will feel a little crazy. I was hoping to do the testing in the next week or so but we have to wait until the end of the month. So, it will all be done between two weeks and some very busy days.  Lately, the Wasband has been joining us on the medical trips but he will be missing in action this month due to work assignments but we'll get by.  It's not like the kids are babies or anything.  Those were crazy days when I did stuff like this by myself and they were little.

This time, they will each be doing something on their own at one point in the 5 days of appointments and testing just because I can't be with three people going three different directions.  One of the days, one of the kids will be down in radiology, one will be visiting with the cardiologist and one will be across the hospital with pulmonology. I'm having a little bit of anxiety about that and wish they would have spread things out but I guess we'll make it work. Missing 6 days of work is going to to be better than missing anymore.

The bathroom hasn't had much done to it this week.  I've had some things come up I wasn't planning on dealing with.  I'm hoping to get it finished by Monday, fingers crossed.   It's all sheet rocked so tile is all that is left.

Spencer will be home on Sunday but will be spending a few days at his dad's with the other kids for the big holiday weekend.  I can't remember the last time I had the kids for 4th of July.  My Wasband loves that holiday and he has created some really fun traditions around that day so I hate to disrupt the good things he has going.  His next door neighbor is a pyrotechnic guy and so those two spend several days wiring up fireworks. It's an impressive show.  My Wasband invited me to join in the festivities but I'm not sure if I will be doing that or staying home to work and get the house back in order.

I guess that is the extent of life around here.  Today is Canada day.  So shout out to my Canadian friends.   We may celebrate a little later with Poutine and sparklers!  You can tell I'm really into the day.

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