Friday, June 17, 2016

The plot thickens

         Well, I had a contractor come over last night to take a look at the damages and give me some pointers on tearing out the sub floor down to the joists.  I know/thought I could do it but just needed some guidance.  I have found if I understand how something is built, I can totally figure out how to take it apart.   I just wasn't entirely sure which direction the floor joists were going and I needed him to tell me.

        So, I thought it would be pretty simple but nope.

        The toilet was never sealed.  It was never, ever, since the beginning of time, even touching the wax ring that seals the toilet to the drain.  The seal looks brand new! You can still see the imprint on the wax that it was made in China. This means that for 11 years...toilet water has been leaking freely into my floors.

        I am sick.  Sick beyond belief.  What a nightmare.  Clearly, this is beyond my skill level to accomplish what needs to be done. I have more time than I do money so I was geared up to fix it myself.  My contractor said this kind of installation problem is extremely serious.  Just judging from the thick white mold we can see around the toilet drain, when we get down to the floor joists, it's going to be an ugly sight I'm guessing.

       Sam and Shelbie have next to no white blood cells.  Their lungs are in horrible shape with arteriorvenus malformations which makes their heart have to work overtime.  What is more worrisome than mold is the fungus spores that goes along with it.  Kids in bone marrow failure can become hospitalized and even die because fungus gets in their lungs.  Sometimes I think fungi are worse than a bacterial infection because they don't respond well to treatment.  Because of the high risk kids moved out last night.  Makes me so sad. I'm sad but I'm incredibly angry at the useless person that built my house, the City and the men who were paid to make building inspections on my house but clearly didn't.

       I've had the roof replaced three times, literally dragged Shelbie from the house when we had a  carbon monoxide leak because the hot water heater was mis-plumbed, had every single basement window leak water, there was no trim, flashing or caulking behind the stone on the front of the exterior, so water would flood into my basement and that's just the beginning of problems I have had in this house.  The development I live in sued the builder a few years ago because the entire property was fraught with problems like mine.  We won the class action suit and received a great deal of money to fix the problems.  I have spoken with members of the HOA and of course, they aren't going to address this since it was not a problem specifically listed on the lawsuit.  That bugs me.  There is such a thing as doing the right thing.  Whatever.  I have no more fight in me.

      I had an awesome pity party for myself Wednesday night so now I'm trying to see past the anger I feel and recognize that maybe, it's a blessing to have found it now.  Obviously, it poses a serious health threat to our family.  Continuing with these unseen problems would just get worse.  It's a blessing that I have so many connections to builders and I know who I can trust.  It's one of the few times I'm thankful to be divorced so my kids have another home that is comfortable and safe where they can stay.  Their dad will enjoy the extra time to spend with them.

      Once we get the nasty stuff pulled out and hauled away, I will rent some air scrubbers and clean the air and deep clean this wretched place from top to bottom before I let my kids move back.  I waffled back and forth on what to do but after contacting one of our docs and doing more research from reputable sources, I felt strongly that this what I needed to do.

      After work last night, I spent another couple of hours hanging tarp and sealing it off with duct tape. There is just a hallway of tarp now from the back door to the upstairs bathroom so, hopefully, the fungal and mold spores will remain contained in that area and the rest of the house will be okay.  I bought more HEPA filters meant to filter mold and fungus for the furnace and did more cleaning.  I know the contractors are going to think I'm crazy when they get here this morning but I don't care.  I haven't spent my entire adult life trying to keep my kids alive and healthy so I can slack off now.

     Well, that's all.  The more I type, the more the anger and pity sets in so enough of that.  The work is suppose to commence in an hour.  I just want this over.  It makes me sick.


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