Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sam returns!

The good news of the week is that Sam did in fact return from his camping trip!  Yay for little miracles.

They actually came back late Thursday night.  I was surprised to see him walk through the door.  I hardly recognized him though!  He ended up with 75 mosquito bites!  One eye was drooping and swollen and his whole face looked lumpy and bruised from all the welts.  He looked miserable despite all the bug repellent he used.  He said he also encountered 3 ticks.

Sam and his friends slept in a hammock stack as well.  It seems to be the favored way to sleep outside these days.  The hammocks they have are a thin nylon and they wrap up in it like a burrito.  I imagine it would be much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground or even on a foamy.

A little Sam selfie!  Relaxing in the hammock while the sun sets over the mountain.

They ended up staying at a base camp and hiking without their packs during the day.  Sam said the hike up to the natural hot springs was beautiful but nearly killed him. He had to stop every hundred feet or so to catch his breath and try to slow his heart down.  He did this for 7 miles! Two of the guys said they were getting pretty concerned about the state he was in.  I think it must of scared them because he always seems so strong and fit and Sam goes to great lengths to keep his health problems a secret.

One of his buddies has had two open heart surgeries and that young man seemed to have no problem at all with the hike.  Sam was a little upset at how hard it was for him to keep up.  He's not use to feeling defeated physically.

There's always a part of me that just wishes these kids would not play so hard.  Part of me wishes they loved video games and would just sit at home but I know that isn't how they were meant to live life.   I know that they worry about how many good years they have left so they will continue to push their physical limits while they can and I will continue to dig in my heels until the anxiety floods me and then subsides into acceptance.  I'm proud that they still keep pushing through and I honestly wouldn't want it any other way.


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