Saturday, May 14, 2016

18 Years later...

Sam doing what he loves to do...parkour.

It's official, my baby is 18!  It's cliche and all...but how in the world?  I thought I was still 18...aren't I?  I mean, most days I feel 18, sort of, if I use my imagination a little...a lot.  

I often worried about the kind of teenager Sam would be.  He had some pretty rough years from ages 6-11.  I don't know what was going on with him but he somehow thought that anytime I did something that he didn't like, he called 911 on me.  One night, I made sesame chicken but he wanted ramen.  I told him we weren't having Ramen.  He through a massive fit and ran into my bedroom and called 911.  Shelbie and Spencer realized before me what he was doing and tackled him to the ground.  So, of course, hell hath no fury like two siblings ganging up on one, which alerted the dispatcher.  When she was cut off...she promptly called back to see what the commotion was about.  I answered while the kids were still wrestling and crying and yelling.  It was pretty much a zoo.

I said, "No, there's no problem here....No you don't need to send out an officer...We are great...I just made dinner and we were just sitting down to eat....No...I'm sure he just dialed you by mistake....The yelling and screaming?   The kids are just playing foosball...they are just cheering each other on!  They love that game!...What?...No, there isn't anyone fighting....really!   Okay, well, thanks for calling!!"  Really, after that...I'm surprised Sam made it to age 18!

There was another time he slipped at the pool and got all scraped up and bruised.  His teacher saw the bruises and sent him to the office.  They called me in because when they asked him where the bruises came from, he said, "My mom's house."  They made the high jump of all conclusions and assumed that I was beating on him.  It was a sad mess but we laugh about it now.

At any rate...Sam has been a joy and a pleasure to raise.  I am so proud of him.  He has been the picture of courage, bravery, charity, and kindness.  He does so much to serve those around him.  He is loyal and trustworthy with amazing strength of character.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of Sam through the years.

Me and Sam.  Don't mind my chubby, anemic face of the 90's!  Sam was just 3 days old  and I was sick in this picture.  It was also his blessing day.  We got off to a great start! I gained 55 lbs with Sam.  After seeing this picture again, I think I gained it all in my face!  

Sam at a week old
He is 2 years old here and gets teased like crazy about this picture from his siblings.  His head looks a little big.  He was such a little man! 
Sam and Spencer getting ready to be put under.  This was Sam's 3rd or 4th bone marrow biopsy by the time he was just 3.5 years old. 

My favorite picture with Sam.  

Sam at age 7
First day of 2nd grade in a new school.

Baptism day age 8 -2006





Seattle 2012

High Adventure Scout Camp

More of Sam in action

First fish with a fishing pole he crafted himself.

Make a Wish Trip- 2013

July 2013

He's become an amazing young man! Dec. 2015


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  1. You have the FUNNIEST stories. What a great young man. I loved the days when he and Jackson played. Congratulations on a job well done. Love the pictures.