Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Great Dissolve

It happens, things come undone every now and again.  It's hard when we can be cruising along and managing fine and then from nowhere, our resolve dissolves.  Such is life.

This was a weekend of dissolve.  Shelbie may have over done it this week and she is feeling weaker because of the lack of plasma.  Emotionally and physically, she has struggled.  Friday night was especially hard, and things weren't much better this morning.

The uncertainty of her situation is extra hard for her right now, for whatever reason.  She wanted to run away.  We all feel like running away every now and again.  So, in an effort to help her, I suggested we run away together.

Just after noon, we left.  We stopped for a great and greasy lunch at Frostop then on to our backyard, Yellowstone National Park. Today was National Parks Day so admission was free.  We never go to Yellowstone.  It honestly isn't my favorite getaway spot but what the heck?  There was hardly a soul up there so it was nice to not be stuck in the crowds.

We enjoyed the warm sun and the scenery.  We saw the usual sights- buffalo.  Lots of buffalo.  They roam around like they own the place.  If they are crossing the road, it's not uncommon for one to just give up the roaming and park themselves in the middle of the road.  They don't seem to have a care in the world.  They don't care that they look completely disproportionate, and mangy looking.  They just carry on, minding their own business.

We saw massive elk as well.  They are majestic creatures and stood off in the distance on the other side of the river.  The best sighting was a wolf.  I've never seen a wolf out in the wild.  He walked right in front of the car.  Wolves, on the other hand, look like they care.  They look like they are simply just mad, always mad and ready to chew something's leg off. He was headed toward a group of people walking on a boardwalk path.  We didn't stick around to see the shear panic unfold when a wolf wandered upon them.  That's a certain way to ruin a perfectly good afternoon.   Just kidding...I'm sure it ended well- the wolf had his fill!  ha ha.

Old Faithful didn't disappoint and we saw quite a few other geysers and hot pots...oh, and a mouse.  We saw a mouse.

Nothing has changed but there is something about being away from our little, claustrophobic world, to breathe some clear mountain air and just be together, and that makes a little difference.  The only scenery I've really seen the past few months is hospitals, doctor offices and my computer screen so for me, I feel I have a smidgen more energy to face the coming week back at Huntsman.

The lone wolf, ready for a snack of tourists.  Thankfully, I didn't appear to be a meaty morsel for him! 

Old Faithful...almost as faithful as it use to be but impressive nonetheless

This guy.  No rush...

I have no clue where this was in the park but water was boiling fiercely and the steam swirled around us.  This picture hasn't be retouched.  Cool place.



  1. Great pics! I'm glad you ran a way for a day. Sometimes, you just gotta.

  2. Glad you got a breath of fresh air and some time away. I've been reading your posts and have been inspired by them. Prayers for you all to be carried on angels wings this week.

  3. LaReesa and I ran away today. We went to the same destination! I was hoping to see babies but did not see any babies until coming home. (baby cows)