Thursday, April 14, 2016


Today, I have been thinking about resilience...because I wonder if I have any or not.

I know one thing, Shelbie has it.  She has clearly been blessed with many gifts in her life.  One such gift was her voice.  She has recorded two CD's and a Single.  She started singing when she was 12.  In 2007, when she received a Wish from Make a Wish, she wished to make a full length CD and distribute it to children in the Oncology/Transplant unit which we did.   Just last week, she bumped into the gentleman who spent more than 12 hours with her in the recording studio on that Wish trip.  Funny how the past comes back.

The day came when she couldn't sing any more.  Her lungs can't support the breath she needs to sing like she use to.  So, she developed a different talent.  Photography.

She started out with an inexpensive camera, took many online classes, joined photography groups, tutoring sessions and created a business from  nothing to something!   She has a full service studio and top of the line equipment she has purchased over the years.

Despite the fact she is short on energy and good days, she makes the most of the time she does have.  She amazes me that she has a drive to continue to do what she loves.  Here are some of her latest creations.

Meet Winston, her little hedgehog with more friends on Instagram than I will ever have in this life or the next!  'Winston Charles the Hedgehog' is where you will find him over on Instagram.  Shelbie makes these little vignettes and then poses him.  It's pretty fun! 

She named her business Dash.  It refers to the dash between  your birth date and your death date.  She captures the moments of birth, death and everything in between.  I am proud of her and the way she lives her own DASH.



  1. I didn't know all those details. Shelbie the Incredible.

  2. Such a beautiful, gifted daughter of God and of you!