Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This will be short. At 11:00 this morning, it was decided that Shelbie needed to be transported to Utah, back to the Huntsman Cancer center.

This morning, Sam wasn't feeling well and admitted that he hasn't been feeling well for three days. He has an onery pain in his lower right side. This morning, he couldn't even make it to school. I talked to our doc at the hospital and he said to watch him close for appendicitis. When we found out Shelbie had to be transferred, I couldn't exactly watch him closely from another State so he came along.

Shelbie is not improving from surgery complications. Still. We are in the bone marrow transplant unit and the rules are strict. Only two people can be in the room. The room is pressurized and temp controlled so now I have a wrinkle in my plan. There is no internet and no phone service either.

I'm standing outside in the snow typing this because I know people are worried.

Shelbie is very upset and anxious. It's been horribly overwhelming. I feel completely in over my head. We've already seen 6 doctors all from different specialties. So far only two people we've met speak good English. I forgot my hearing aid so their accents, quiet demeanor, anxiety, and total commotion is not working out well for me. I'm a little lost and out of my element.

The nurse said, "you better get to sleep, tomorrow is going to overwhelm you and there will be a steady stream of doctors through here. It's going to be tough."

We had to leave so quickly I couldn't get everything packed for Shelbie. I thought she would be in a hospital gown so I didn't worry. Actually, they prefer you wear your own comfortable clothes. So, I've been out trying to buy her comfortable clothes to get her through a couple of days.

Tomorrow we consult with the Pic team because the third IV infiltrated on the way down. We didn't catch it until they unwrapped it. Infection, hives, phlebitis, swelling covers her left arm. They found a vein in her right arm to restart the IV but it seems we are losing that one too.

I'm not sure what could possibly go wrong next.  I'm really struggling. I've lost my footing here. I had no idea it would be like this. One nurse pulled me aside when I escaped the room and she said, "it's a lot. You're doing fine! Don't get lost in the chaos of this."

Right. Well, blogging on a cell phone stinks! I will try to write more when I find internet again and phone service.

Thank you for the many prayers.



  1. Kathy, will you be there through the weekend? We could come Friday night and bring clothes and whatever else you need.

  2. Melinda talked to me today and I am so sorry. She admires you so much and loves your family. My son died unexpectedly so there was no warning and nothing I could do but accept it. What you are going through is much harder and I am praying for you to be comforted. Our lives are a gift and we hold on so tight but what awaits us is so much more. You are a valiant mother. I hope you feel peace and love from the many prayers that are being said for you. Sara Neeley