Monday, March 7, 2016

Small Sifting Holes

On Sundays, I try to take some time to refuel my spirit.  Part of that exercise is to read something helpful or uplifting.  Lately, I've been reading a Neal Maxwell book, If Thou Endure It Well.  He is by far, one of my favorite writers.  He is poetic in the words he chooses and I love that.

He says that irritation often precedes instruction..."If we aren't careful, small things become the small sifting holes through which our resolve trickles away."

I love that reminder.  I have been dealing with a lot of small, sifting holes that do nothing but irritate and frustrate me.

For example- the darn, stinking car of mine!  It's just an irritation more than anything but the fact that it keeps having stupid issues puts me over the proverbial edge.  It's been in the shop now since Thursday and I think, this repair place actually knows what they are doing.  In fact, shout out to the Pro Shop...The front end girl Ashley has been amazing.  She has been so sweet and compassionate.  I called, she said they were backed up and they couldn't even get to it until sometime next week.  I hummed and hawed, trying to figure out what I would do without a car for our trip and then she said, "Did you need it sooner?"
"Well, I have business to do in Salt Lake next week but I can figure something else out."
"Is it a fun trip?"
"No, my daughter is sick and we are going to the hospital there."
"Okay, enough said!  I will make sure they look at this week!"

She called back a couple of hours later and said it would be done Friday.  She also said, "I don't even know you but is it okay if I pray for your daughter?"  I thought that was so sweet!  Turns out they found bigger problems after the smaller problems so I'm not sure when I will have the car back but those sifting holes were plugged with her sweet spirit.

Another sifting hole I deal with constantly is money or lack thereof.  Friday, instead of working on my projects for work,  I tackled the mountain of medical bills.  Remember the stack I had from last November?  I finally faced that.  Before you think I am completely irresponsible, I have been paying a small amount to each doctor, clinic, hospital, lab etc.  But, the totals weren't going down very fast and some were the final notice before collections.

In total, they amounted to more than $8000.  I couldn't even make sense of it and some of the clinics have a lousy billing system.  I called my insurance company to yell at them because it didn't make sense that I have a $3000 out of pocket family max but was stuck with $8000 as my responsibility.  Granted, a lot of these were for Utah providers who weren't in my Network from back in our Salmonella days.

As the phone rang for my insurance company, my blood pressure was rising and I was ready with fighting words...small sifting holes where mean words could safely escape.

Instead, the lady answered the phone and asked my name.  I told her and she said, "While I'm pulling up your account, tell one thing that made this week a great one!"  She was very cheerful and in that moment, I had no desire to argue with this woman. A little kindness goes a long way with me.  After some small talk, she asked how she could help me.  I explained that I'm a loser and couldn't make sense of all my bills.  She took so much time to go over each EOB and she found several errors on their side and the clinic side.  My growing debt went from $8000 to just over a $1500 for last year, in addition to what I have already paid out.  I was so relieved.  It's better than $8000.

That woman's cheerful manner was the plug to the my small sifting holes of resolve.  I learned a lot from her about how to deal with people...even tired worn out, grumpy people like times.

Wow, Friday was a big day because I also got a call from the Temple that the girl who was sharing my shift needed to take two months off because she is getting married and needed every waking moment to work on wedding plans.  Now, I admit...I had a million, negative thoughts go through my head when I heard the reason.  The biggest one, Are you kidding me?  She can't take three hours a month to play the organ at the Temple?  Every second planning a wedding?  What a crummy excuse! She has no clue what real problems are.

Then, I heard my own list of reasons why covering her shift was going to be impossible.  I'm a single mom working two part time jobs that I am falling miserably behind on and my employers are going to fire me if I don't pull it together and I am running my own busy business and I have a sick kid and two more waiting in the wings with some dreadful thing I know is just around the corner and I never sleep and my house is a wreck and I don't have time for managing someone else's responsibility at the Temple. 

Followed by...
Are you kidding me?  YOU can't take 5 hours a month to play the organ at the Temple?  Every second taking care of sick kids, work and sleep?  What a crummy excuse! You have no clue what real problems you could have. 

Small sifting holes where resolve escapes.  I have my full shift back at the temple and I'm happy about that.  I am glad that I learned these valuable lessons this week.

Finally- a quote for this Monday.

"In the process of developing the precious quality of empathy, would we trade some earlier relief today for the enlarged empathy to be used in so many endless tomorrows?"  Neal Maxwell.


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  1. Oh Kathy, I love you so much. The Pro Shop is great. If you pay in cash your bill drops a little bit. Just an FYI.