Sunday, March 6, 2016

Happy Moments Roll

I thought it was time for another installment of Happy Moments Roll...because there are still happy moments in the mix!

Saturday afternoon, I called Spencer after work.  Spencer and I talk a lot, every day!  And, I know what you are thinking...I am being a Smother.  I'm not though.  He calls me most of the time.  I'm not so sure he really needs to talk to me but I know he knows how much it means to me to hear from  him.  I miss him every day even though I see him as much as I see Sam anymore.

He had some breaking news!!!  He met and girl and they are getting married April 15th!  Whoo Hoo!!!

Just kidding...I just wanted to take that thought out for a test drive.

He did meet a girl though.  He said "She is little.  Maybe even an 1" shorter than me and just tiny and cute."  I love his description of her!  Apparently, that's important to a kid that didn't quite reach his vertical growth potential.  He met her at an church dance.

I asked him if he was taking her out last night since he was headed to a gathering of friends and each one was taking a date.  He said "No. I might ask her to come over on Sunday evening."
"Why not tonight?  You're doing something fun and there will be a big group of people?"
"MOM!! I have to pace myself.  C'mon, I asked her to dance!  That's huge!  We even slow danced a couple of times.  I haven't been near a girl in almost three years!  I'm rusty and awkward."

I died laughing.  That kid!  He's pretty excited that she is going to Paul Mitchell and can start cutting his hair.  Priorities of course.   Here's to more dates with the little hair dresser.

Yesterday, Shelbie had been asked to volunteer at the Pet Adoption in the city.  She has a friend whose parents run it at PetCo.  So, she was there 3 hours with two dogs and 5 cats.  She fell in love with the labs.  All morning, she sent Snap Chats of her with a 6 year old black lab named Duke.  She was in love with Duke.  She even took him into the store and bought him all sorts of treats when there weren't people around.

One lady came up to pet Duke and was asking questions about him.  Shelbie is a pretty good salesman.  She can sell you on just about any idea and she's funny while she does it!  She was really working this lady over and it seemed the lady was also becoming quite fond of Duke but then she said, "Ya know, his teeth are in horrible shape and his breath stinks." Without a second delay, Shelbie responded, "Well, he's homeless.  That happens."  Ha ha ha...That is a ridiculously awesome comeback!  Duke ended up getting adopted.  In fact, she adopted out both dogs which was great because I had a feeling they were coming home with her if they she didn't find them a home.

Well, I have no clue how this week is going to shape up.  Busy, I know that.  We are back at Huntsman for Wednesday for sure but still waiting to hear on a surgery time.  Shelbie will be back home for her monthly hospital trip on Friday.


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