Saturday, March 12, 2016

A visit from the IRS

Yes, you read that right.  THE IRS. The Internal Revenue Society...or whatever the 'S' stands for.

Remember back in 2014 and my $8000.00 tax bill?  Ahhh...well, I filed for a tax compromise because it was a little far fetched that someone with an income of $33,000.00 should have a tax bill of $8000.  I haven't heard a thing from them since I filed that a year ago.  I got a letter every now and again saying they were still deciding if they would accept my offer and I did not need to do anything. So, I haven't done anything about it.

Well, Thursday afternoon, they caught up to me.

Greta called.  Yep.  Greta from Memphis, Tennessee. Greta, with her big, deep, Southern voice that was very hard to understand...not a timid, shy, Scandinavian Greta as one might think just from the origins of the name, 'Greta'.

Now, granted, I have been a little disconnected, spacey, lost in life, lately but I do try to learn from my day to day experiences.  So, as my heart was skipping along with the very sound of the most terrifying acronym in the United States,  I remembered how great my insurance company woman was at diffusing my would be anger, so I zeroed in on some happy communication to catch her off guard.

It went like this...

"Oh, Hi!  I've been expecting your call!  What great things are happening for you today at the IRS?"
"For me?"
"Say what?"

She was tripping over her words.  I can only imagine that she doesn't deal with many happy people in a day.

It was actually a beneficial conversation and we went over several issues I am having with paying 900% self employment taxes when I make less than $40,000 a year and have extenuating circumstances with health issues.

I just want to shed a little reality on this situation...In 2014- My mortgage, Health insurance premiums and deductibles added up to $26,000.  Go figure...It's pretty hard to set aside 900% self employment tax when these kids of mine expect so much like Mac and Cheese  and Pancakes...every night!!  I finally had to tell them we had to cut back and have ramen with hot sauce a couple of nights a week to off set their expensive taste! Not to mention their complaints about wanting to be sedated for bone marrow biopsies which cost me so much more because insurance refused to pay for that part.  Some kids are so entitled.

Greta was great!  ha ha...I've got so many financial messes to clean up but she really was pleasant and helpful.

She ended the conversation by saying, "Now listen, I just really want to see you succeed and you can if you promise to communicate with me.  I'm not out to create trouble for you."

We have another phone date on the 24th of March which I am so looking forward to.  I think I'm going to send her some flowers and a box of chocolates.  I have a dream that this might actually be the start of a really nice friendship.  Greta and I.  Pen Pals.

I think I could get use to this new form of communication.  It's proven very effective.  I'm going to have to send my lady at the insurance company a little something for her wise HR skills.  You get to practice being cheerful, but at the same time, pepper in a little sarcasm, just enough to make your own little twisted need to be cranky feel fed and satisfied.

In all seriousness, I wasn't trying to get away with anything and I was glad to know where I stand as opposed to being thrown in prison for Tax fraud or evasion or whatever they call people who don't pay their taxes. Although, now that I think about it, it may be a great opportunity to get a little nap, a little quiet, solitary moment to myself instead of all this running myself ragged taking care of dying kids.  Maybe it's time for a little vacation...and, I really don't mind the color orange...and prison really does streamline your wardrobe and simplifies life.  Maybe I'll rethink my friendship with Greta...she just might be making my life harder than it needs to be.  Hummmm....

I'm sure you get the feeling I'm a little incompetent in life...I am.  Let's just be honest.  It's the little things that create insanity in me...and avoidance.  I like to wait until they become tragic, huge things!  

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  1. Why isn't she communicating with Al Sharpton? I think his bill is higher. Than your!