Saturday, February 6, 2016

What's important to you?

A couple of months ago, a headline on MSN caught my eye.  It was the story of Joey and Rory.  A husband and wife who write and sing country songs.  I hadn't really heard of them before but I started following their blog.  Joey has cancer.  She is in her final weeks of life and on hospice.  Rory posts the most beautiful writings, photographs and videos.  I love their blog.

Yesterday, Rory posted this video they made and talked about what is important in their world right now.

I love that thought...What is important to you?  What is important to me?

Here is my short list...

My kids.
My family
My one doctor who still believes in me
A Wasband and me who keep trying to have a perfect divorce of peace and understanding and a        combined love for our children.
Friends in far places
Friends two doors down
Late nights laying around eating and talking.
Surprising my kids with an extra measure of love and understanding when they think I'm going to be           upset or disappointed.
Watching my kids dream
Seeing their dreams take shape
Serving others; caring when no one else does
Watching my kids notice the needs of others and acting on that
Broken things, broken me
The smell of rain and the promise of a rainbow
The friends who don't give up on me.  Who say nothing at all, but speak volumes by staying close
Postcards from Heaven
Watching courage in action
Creating happiness
Having enough.  Just enough.
The chance to try again

I could go on...What is important to you?


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