Thursday, February 18, 2016

In other news

We are still in a holding pattern as we are down to 6 days before our big trip.  We talk about it like it's going to be some fabulous resort!  Ha ha...Nope, just a cancer hospital...full of answers I hope.  Shelbie has been working through a lot of pain and discomfort this week and sweats!  Drenching, horrible sweats.  She's a trooper though.

So, in between being spiritually bipolar and other things, lots has been happening.  I think I sort of jinxed Spencer.  I thought he was doing so well, he was doing so well but now it appears that C-Diff has arrived once again!  Rotten C-Diff.  He got sick, had to start antibiotics and...and, here we go again.  Then to top off his wonderful day, his car got towed, his debit card expired and I have the new one here so he doesn't even have money.  Meh...such is life.   We have some things to work through today!

I don't have many things in my house that I absolutely love, but I do love the picture frame that hangs on the inside of my front door.  Every few days, I switch out the inspirational quote.  This is the quote for this week.

It's important to keep our perspective this week.  Here's a glimpse of some of the other quotes I have that are waiting to find their way into the frame.

If my house ever burned down, I would miss these cards the most.  I know, I'm weird like that; pretty simple.

This week is another crazy Lupus week.  I have been tired like I have never been tired before.  My left knee is swollen like crazy and this morning, I broke out into hives.  What a joy!  But...I'm trying to remember, it will all work out.  A day of apple cider vinegar and more lemon juice with baking soda and I should be good as new tomorrow, or as good as a middle aged woman can possibly be.  I asked my doctor why this is happening and he said "Stress."
"I'm not stressed!"  I told him.  Ha ha, well okay maybe.  But that's where I get confused.  I feel like I've been handling the stress just fine, I mean, all things considered.  Oh well...I'll try to get my zen on today.

Finally, yesterday, I was asked to teach a group of women in another town about being happy in adversity.  I'm not so sure I am the best candidate for that but I can honestly say, I have tried to find some definition of happy in these trials.  There's happy, in terms of the world's view and then there is a different kind of happy from a more Heavenly view.  I think I am figuring out the Heavenly view of happy, obviously, still learning but I'm getting there.  I think I am slowly understanding that the Joy we read about in the scriptures doesn't necessarily mean it will be felt daily.  Neal Maxwell states that not one of our trials can be cut short here, because it would deprive us of everlasting joy there.

Have you ever thought about that before?

Anyways...Here's to a joyful Thursday as I hobble off to work.

Oh...I was asked to help write a book!  I'm pretty excited about that possibility.  We'll see how that unfolds.  Maybe it will set the fire under me to get my own finished that I started a long while ago.

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