Thursday, February 11, 2016


Wonders never cease!

We have an appointment.  A little farther out than I wish but still...February 24th.

Not only will we be starting the diagnostic procedures to figure out what Shelbie has but this will be a new chapter in adult hematology/oncology care for my kids.   Hopefully.  I feel like I have to add disclaimers and dangling thoughts because things rarely go as planned; as I plan.

Today, is transfusion day.  It's going well. Each IV gets a little bit harder and harder to start since most of her veins are surrounded by so much scar tissue.

I paid a little closer attention today to her labs.  Her monocytes continue to be flagged as fairly high.  This has been an ongoing trend since last year that I haven't paid much attention to.  Monocytes are white cells that increase with infection, autoimmune disorders and cancer.   They are the first responders in these situations.

As I thought about this, I remembered that her last bone marrow biopsy this past fall, they noted an increased number of Macrophages.  These are the the 'big eater' cells that are sent to 'clean' up the destruction efforts of the monocytes...basically, macrophages come from monocytes.  I remember questioning this increase and wondering why?  A healthy person who hasn't been sick would have no need for increased macrophages.

It's the same old story...I question and question things I don't understand and get shut down time after time.

It is becoming more and more clear with each piece of this puzzle that something has been plaguing Shelbie for at least a year.  More and more, I feel some responsibility in things getting this far without resolve. In fact, I would even call it dread and regret.  If she has something life threatening, even fatal that could have been prevented, it will be challenging to get over that.

This morning, once Shelbie was resting, the nurse commented on how hard life has been for us this past year.  I hadn't really stopped to think about the past year.  She's right.  We have endured many big things from cancer in my dad, a stroke with my mom, Sam's heart and lung abnormalities, Shelbie's heart and lung abnormalities, Spencer's Salmonella infection and C-diff, Shelbie's stroke, my surgery and now this.  Yes, it's been a big year!  With that said, I feel like we have fared well, better than to be expected, really.  We are better and stronger in many ways.  Weak and fragile in others.

At any rate...enough of memory lane.  We have a job to do now.


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