Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stupid is...and other things.

One would think that by the time you grow up, whenever that is, you have mastered the art of making good decisions.  I like to think I make good choices but apparently not.

Two days before Christmas, I broke a tooth.  It didn't hurt much and with the holidays, and my extreme aversion to dentists and spending thousands of dollars with basically nothing to show for it, because, let's face it, no one is looking closely at my molars, I ignored it.

When I felt a shadow of pain, I took some Advil and ignored it.

When the pain started waking me up at 3:45, I took some Advil and ignored it.

Now, that I can no longer eat solid food and the throbbing pain is creating a stroboscopic rhythm in my head, I really wish it was Friday and I could call a dentist to put me out of my misery.'s Saturday!  I'm simmering in my own anger that I waited.  I'm pretty sure that a month ago, it might have been a simple procedure, now, it's going to require a few hours of drilling, several pairs of hands stuffed in my cheeks and more thousands of dollars than should be allowed by the law.

I have a major presentation to a hospital board early next week and with everything going on, I'm so far behind I'm afraid I can't fix it Monday or Tuesday and maybe not Wednesday either.

So...Stupid is as stupid does.

I really thought the back issues were in our rear view mirror but they are not.  Shelbie had her first day back at work yesterday since her fall down the stairs.  She was really doing better but after a four hour newborn, twin photo shoot, she was in really bad shape.  The people didn't even make it out to their car and she was rolling on the sofa in tears.  

Today, she was suppose to have a  wedding and reception to shoot but she couldn't even get out of bed.  She actually had to call me from her bedroom to get my attention.  I tried to help her up but clearly, it was getting bad.  Pain was down her legs and she was having a really hard time emptying her bladder.  With that, I took her in to the urgent care.

It turns out, we will not be able to avoid an MRI.  The disks that were damaged in the fall are so swollen and bulging that they are putting pressure on the nerves around the bladder and those going down her legs.  They gave her an injection of Toradol to try and get the extreme pain under control but that didn't last long.  We have tried just about everything to keep the pain at bay and nothing is working.  She had 30 minutes this morning, to try to find another photographer to cover the wedding and reception.

On top of all this, she had her transfusion this week and all that nonsense is starting up!  Ahhh...never a dull moment.  Never.


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