Thursday, January 7, 2016

Map making

Some time ago, I was reading an article about the map makers of days gone by.  Specifically, a map that was printed on the skin of a calf back in the 13th Century. It charts the Mediterranean with such accuracy that it can be used by ships today to navigate the waters with nearly exact precision.  This early map has become one of the greatest mysteries as well.  The map maker responsible for this, left very few clues as to how he could draw something with such accuracy.

The curator for the Library of Congress, John Hessler said this of the map. “Even with all the information he had — every sailor’s notebook, every description in every journal — I wouldn’t know how to make the map he made,”

As it turns out... after many years of research and study,a theory developed.  The century old map maker used Butterflies. An unlikely tool, yet the secret in his precision and skill.  In a process called morphometrics, they discovered a precise relationship between the spots on Butterfly wings and their geographic location.

It was a fascinating article.  Something so seemingly unrelated to map making was actually the key to such accuracy and allowed for people to find their way.

I remembered this story earlier this week.  There have been a series of events that have led up to an interesting turn of events this week.  As is usually the case, we rarely consider the things that happen to us on a daily basis as anything out of the ordinary.  We don't typically size up the day and appreciate how it fits into a bigger picture, an eternal picture; another mark on the maps we are creating for ourselves as we make our way back to our Father in Heaven.

I believe that we are map makers and like the butterflies from the 13th Century, it's the little, inconsequential things in the day, the whisperings of Heaven, that stretches out the path before us.  Unless we are watching with our spiritual eyes, it's easy to miss.

I've been connecting the dots of our life this past year, the Interstates and the detours.  I can look back and see how they intertwine and carry us along in seemingly disconnected and disjointed ways, yet with a course of precision.

Like the winds that catch a sail and blow a ship to it's destination of home, we are being blown on a similar course home.  At times, those winds can feel overpowering, overwhelming and overdone. But nevertheless, I can't deny, we are exactly where we need to be.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a surprising call to tell me that my volunteer time at the temple to the play the organ was being cut in half.  I was shocked.  I love playing in the temple.  I love my time there.  They have a shortage of organ players so it made no sense to me that they were giving half of my time to someone else when they could have put them in an empty slot.  Still, I didn't question them and consented to giving up three of my Saturdays a month to someone else.  I wondered though, why my schedule was being cleared.

I have lived through enough to know, that everything DOES happen for a reason; the good and the bad.  So, I have been sitting back with a watchful eye to see what was coming next.

The dynamics of our family will be changing very soon.  I will need more time in my days to receive the blessing that is coming.   I can see that Heaven is preparing a way and we are recording these strategic moves on our little map of life.

Tonight, a coming together occurred quite out of the blue.  Let's call it a rest stop.  A blessing of peace and kindness shown by two beautiful sisters who showed up at my house.  Perhaps their purpose was for nothing more than to assure me that yes, we are on the right track and though there are a million reasons to question and wonder why things are happening the way they are...we only need one answer to remind us that we are on the map, on track and a little closer to home.  We will watch as our own, unlikely butterfly, the things that really have no correlation or sensibility, charts the course of our days.


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