Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Santa lives on

This year, we said goodbye to a lot of special people.  I would confidently say that this was a year of losses;  my grandma, my aunt and so many friends I had become close to.  One of our greatest losses was that of Santa...AKA Mike.

There will never be another man like Mike.  He was the town Santa but more importantly, he was our personal Santa.  He has been coming to our family for 20 years!  The kids believed in Santa much longer than the average kid, it was almost embarrassing.  Mike brought the spirit of Christ into our home year after year.  When the kids were in the hospital, Mike was there and sometimes, even dressed in his Santa suit.  

The past few weeks I have really been missing him.   This is first year, he won't be bounding through the front door with his jolly laugh and sparkly eyes.  I will admit, I found myself a little emotional a couple of weeks ago when I was looking ahead to December and what events we had planned.

Tonight, after dinner, Shelbie announced that she had a Christmas present for me to open.  The card she had written said, "Santa is still here!"  I immediately started crying...mostly because that's what I do these days...I just cry whenever I feel like it over anything I's liberating!  Anyways, I couldn't even believe my eyes when I opened the bag!   A custom, handmade sculpture of Santa!  Our Santa!  Mike!  I was so overwhelmed.  The artist got every detail of him just right!

This is from 3 years ago.

It's perfect in every way!  I love it! It made for a sweet thing on a rough day.

Spencer is obviously not any better and again, we have the undesirable complications of being in a State that doesn't readily accept my insurance.  So, our ID doc here won't just treat Spencer for C-Diff even though I'm pretty sure that is what he has...we have to do more cultures.  The soonest Spencer will be able to start treatment is going to be Monday!  I'm so frustrated. immune response or rather, still no immune response.  What a nightmare this is becoming.  To complicate matters, he starts his new job on Saturday.  I know, without question, he is going to put his job before his health.  It's just the way he is.  He will let himself down, before he lets anyone else down.  I already got the word from him tonight!

I met with my surgeon and got the bandages and dressing off.  Pathology was back and I have some tough choices to make regarding the next step in treatment.  I find myself in a complicated situation and I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do.  I have to meet with another specialist tomorrow morning and maybe I will have more information to share after that, or be willing to share.  There will definitely be more surgery but to what extent, it's too soon to tell.  This is one of those moments, when I really don't want this to be part of my story.

I really hope that by tomorrow, the path I should take becomes more clear because right now, I'm just not sure.


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