Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Today was an interesting day...

I had determined early in November that I wasn't going to be doing as much as I usually do at Christmas.  I just needed to cut back emotionally and physically and keep the holiday simple.

I did however, decide to take some treats in to one of our doctors, the one who I can't live without.  It was still not what I usually do.  I also saved a few for my neighbor who has always been there for us.  Even when they were in India last month, they sent me a message when Spencer was in the hospital to let me know they were thinking of us.  It really had an impact on me.

So, in between things to do, I ran down to drop off the treats.  She was telling me, in an emotional way, how sad she was that our Santa had passed away and we would be missing him.  She was worried about us.   She went on to tell us about a card and some cookies that they received anonymously last week.  It had a picture of Santa on the front and a beautiful sentiment inside.  She was literally moved to tears.

Each year that Santa came, I either invited a family over or we sent Santa to a family who needed some Christmas cheer.  It was always the thing we did.  One year, we had our neighbors over.  They have the sweetest family.  So, in a small way, they had a connection to Santa too.

Anyways, she proceeded to show me the card and let me read the inside.  I didn't really read it while standing in her door.  I asked to take a picture, then hurried home.

When I got home, I read the inside of that card and couldn't stop crying!  When the kids got home, I read it to them.

At around the same time, Shelbie got a message from Santa's daughter to see if we got the cookies and the card she left at our door last week.  Then it clicked...she had left it at the wrong door!

Shelbie explained what she thought happened and sure enough, they had left it at our neighbor's house by mistake.

But...Ya know...I think it was suppose to work out like that!  For one thing, it touched our neighbor because they too, missed Santa. They haven't exactly had the easiest year either so the little visit from 'Santa' in this way was sweet.   For another, tonight would have been the night he was scheduled to come and see us!

It was so cool the way it worked out in the end.  Mike's daughter is going to bring us a copy of the card just so we have it.  I love that she said exactly what Mike would have said to us.  I know that Mike was so happy playing the part of Santa and literally spreading cheer.  I am glad that we have tried really hard to do the same.  Each Monday night this month, I made it a point to plan something special for someone else.  It was our way of filling the void I guess you could say.

So...I hope you are enjoying this week of Christmas and feeling a spirit of joy.

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