Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rough Day

Man, what a rotten day!

It's just heartbreaking to see this boy of mine so sick.  I just wish we could see one little glimpse of improvement in anything.

Spencer has been pretty depleted all day.  We met with the Infectious Disease Doc.  He was a nice guy, a total disease geek.  He seems to be energized by talking about infectious disease.  I like a doc that is totally into his work.

He said that by day 4 of antibiotics, people with Salmonella or C-diff should be completely back to normal health.  The fact that Spencer is as sick as he was on day one, if not sicker is not good news. They decided to retest for Salmonella and C-diff again.  Hopefully we will know by tomorrow if the bacteria are still active.  He is bleeding again only this time higher up in his gut because the blood is black which means it has passed through his Intestinal tract and mixed with digestive juices.

Tonight he is in a lot of pain.  Really uncomfortable.  His heart rate is pretty fast and he can barely move, he is so weak.  I am really worried. I would like to take him back to the hospital and get fluids but he isn't really keen on that idea.  So, I pumped him up with Tylenol, some pro biotics and other homeopathic stuff in hopes that he just gets a little relief.  I can't imagine another day of this for him.

I find that I do better when I can see that they are hopeful and managing but as soon as their spirit drops, it gets really hard.  Especially Spencer.  He never complains.  He pushes himself no matter how he feels but tonight, pushing through anything would be an impossible feat.

Today, as we sat in the doctor's office and he was asking about our family health history, it hit me that I have two other kids in the same rocky boat.  Maybe not as bad right now, but not that great either.  Shelbie has missed two weeks of pulmonary rehab and it is starting to show.  I've been making her and Sam use the upstairs bathroom so Spencer can have the main floor bath and I can keep it quarantined better, she can't even make it upstairs without having to stop and rest.

Ahh...I sure hope God knows what he's working with here.  I'm not sure I was cut out of the right fabric for this.  But...I know it could be worse.  A family just lost their 13 year old daughter to cancer this week.  My friend passed out at her son's house and she has been unresponsive since Monday. I am so grateful for my health so that I can be here to take care of my kids. Never underestimate the ways in which God can help us grow.

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