Monday, October 26, 2015

Affordable Health Care

I will soon be going into my second year on the affordable health care exchange and I'm really not happy about that.   Today reminded me just how crummy this system is and why I left the Utah clinics a couple of decades ago.

I don't think I have mentioned this but Spencer had an accident three weeks ago and messed up his shoulder.  His arm just droops out of the shoulder joint.   He waited a week to tell me.  It took another two weeks to get an appointment to see a doctor and today was suppose to be his appointment.

He got time off work which is virtually impossible to do.  They aren't too happy with him but I'm not sure what else they expect.  He works full time, has no benefits and his hours are 7:00am til 7:00pm. What else is a person to do when they literally have no time to get sick?

He got to his appointment and they had somehow neglected to put him on the books...they wouldn't even try to fit him in even though it was their mistake.  To say Spencer was upset would be a gross understatement.  He has been in pain for three weeks, felt bad asking for time off from work, took the time, had his pay deducted and no appointment.  With his permission, I called to see if we could get something rescheduled for this week.

They were so rude.  She went rambling on about the problem with their office taking Blue Shield and Blue Cross.  After her rant, I calmly said, "Well, he doesn't have either of those insurances."
"Well, it says right here he does." She replied.
"Well, he doesn't."  I gave her the correct information and she said, "Well, I don't know about that insurance.  I don't know if we even take that.  You are going to have to find out."

"Can you transfer me to your billing office, I'm sure they would be able to tell me what insurance plans you accept?"  I asked.

"No.  I can't do that.  It is your job to find that out."

Oh. My. Gosh...

I spent all afternoon trying to find a doctor who could fit Spencer in.  None of the Ortho docs I found, would let him be seen by anyone other than a PA before seeing the doctor.  That whole process would take another two to three weeks because you have to see the PA, then schedule to see the doc, then schedule imaging, then schedule to go back to the doc for results...What a farce.  And they call this affordable healthcare?  NOW...they just paid for three separate visits...NO...I just paid for three separate visits!

The first woman I spoke to, who screwed up his appointment today, I asked if I could just send him to the ER and get the imaging done before the appointment to save time and she said, "Oh, hospitals aren't allowed to do imaging anymore in the ER.  They will just set up an appointment for you to be seen by a doctor."

Are you joking me?  Hospitals can't do imaging?  Spencer's broken his back twice, his ribs once, his ankle once a his arm a few times and all of those times, prior to Obamacare, the ER took appropriate imaging and diagnosed the problem...then sent us to the surgeon.

It's been quite the eventful day not to mention weekend.  We found out yesterday that Spencer has Arsenic in his blood.  Nice.  As if the poor kid doesn't have enough problems in life right now.  Nothing is working out for us.  It's getting to be so incredibly frustrating.  Affordable healthcare is anything but!  Maybe for the people who get a cold every now and again it's great but not when you have such complicated, far reaching problems.


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