Sunday, September 27, 2015


Dieter F. Uchtdorf asked if we are resentfully enduring or living a meaningful life.

This is a big question.  Without a doubt, there are moments, even days when I feel like I am resentfully enduring but I think with time and age and experience...I have figured out how to be less resentful and live with more meaning.  Its all part of my evolution I guess.

I have thought about this a lot today.  I look at my kids and they are surely one of the best examples I have of living a meaningful life.

Shelbie works her little heart out.  She has started a business right out of high school and it has grown into something she is proud of.  She could just as easily sit around feeling sick and sorry for herself.  Earlier this week, she can home late from a photo shoot and ran in the house to grab something and on her way out said, "I'll be back!  I'm running to the store but first, I saw a homeless guy at the gas station, he needs some money so I'm going to give him some money- he's pretty creepy looking though."  With that she was out the door!

I was so busy with something but with that comment, I literally dropped what I was doing and ran after her before she pulled out of the driveway. "Shelbie, if the guy is creepy, I don't want you getting out of the car.  Wait until Sam or I can come with you!  It's not safe." She wouldn't wait.  After an hour of not being able to get a hold of her, I started to worry.  I drove down to the gas station, and there she was sitting on the curb talking to this guy and his wife.  For an hour, she learned all about their life, their grandkids and why they left their life in California and why their car is now their home.  She also bought them a tire!  That is why they were stranded here.  They had no money to buy a new tire for the one that was bad.

This is the heart of Shelbie...she gives and gives.  She has the biggest heart of anyone I know.  She is living a life full of meaning!

Then there is Spencer.  Spencer is sick but to look at him, to spend time with him, you would never know.  He works harder than you can imagine.  He never stops to complain or take a break or call in sick.  Imagine working a physical labor job for 13 hour shifts while having extreme stomach pain, nausea and chronic diarrhea.  Imagine that!!  He looks for ways to serve and jumps in and gets the work done...even after his paid job.  Spencer could easily sit at home and feel sick but he is living life.  He could even go home after his long days and go straight to bed but he doesn't he is always learning new things, finding exciting things to do.  Spencer is living a life full of meaning.

Sam is just a joy to me.  He has had a hard year as well and struggles with fear of what is happening to his health.  Sometimes, I get impatient with him because all he wants to do is play.  He has a great job, but he has a huge fear of missing out on fun with this friends so it can become a struggle at times but he always makes the right decision in the end.  He has the best friends a kid could want!  I am so proud of him.  Last night was homecoming and Sam's first dance!!! Can you imagine a handsome kid like Sam and this is only his first dance?  He's a senior!  He chose such a gracious, modest, beautiful girl to go with.  I adored her.  The group came here so Shelbie could take their pictures and she kept telling Sam how cute he was, how strong he was!  That boy was in Heaven!   Turns out, when the dance was over, he stayed behind to help his date's mom, who was on the clean up crew, to get things cleaned up so she could get home sooner!  Sam always does things like this on his own.  He continues to surprise me with such loving things he does.  Whenever I sign him up for 'service' projects, he jumps in wholeheartedly.  Sam is living a life full of meaning.

We have our moments but I am proud of my kids for trying so hard to not waste one minute of living.  We have a lot of problems but we have a meaning-full life.

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  1. Hello! I am Sofia's mom and I am delighted to meet you. I am fortunate to know two of your kids and I too think they are just amazing. When Sam came to pick up Sofia I could not believe how good he looked. I mean, he is a handsome young man, but that night he looked radiant and happy. So did Sofia, my daughter. I am happy he thought of inviting her. They had a blast from what I hear. Shelby is an amazing photographer--my favorite family picture was taken by her. =-) Hope you have a great day!