Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Settling In

Spencer's been home a week!  It's been quite the busy week.

All in all, he is starting to settle in better than the first few days.  I was pretty surprised at how hard it was to have him home.  He felt awkward to be 'in the world' again and none of us really knew how to act.  I think we were all trying to pretend none of us were living in the world either; we tried to shelter him from our usual, hectic life.  He was really homesick for Colorado too.  It was almost as if he was sad.  His face, his actions, everything just seemed sad.

I wanted to fix it.  Then I thought maybe it was me making him sad.  It was just hard.  Nothing at all like I had expected.

I wasn't sure how we were going to tell him about all the things that happened over the past two years, especially about his 'new' disease, Dyskeratosis Congenita.  Thankfully, it didn't end up being as big a deal as it was in my head.

On Thursday morning, his dad came over and we were planning the day.  Somehow, we all migrated to Spencer's bedroom.  I think he was showing us his lack of clothes.  I had bought him some new clothes but he has lost a lot of weight!  I bought him the size he wore when he left but we had to exchange them for two sizes smaller!  His smaller frame led to a conversation on how he lost the weight.  Well, he's been sick almost the entire two years.  Not only was keeping stuff from him but he was keeping stuff from me!

He talked about how run down he feels.  How his asthma is giving him problems.  How is gut and pancreas seem to causing him all sorts of problems.  He even mentioned that there have been a few times he has passed out for no reason...just standing in his apartment doing nothing and he goes down.

When he was done, I talked about DC and all the things we have found to be problems in Shelbie and Sam.  With each symptom and problem, he just said, "Ya, that happens to me too!"  It all made sense to him.  He already knew he was sick, he didn't need me explaining some rare disease to him, he has been living it.

I'm kind of glad things happened the way they did.  I'm not sure how he is feeling about things.  It will probably become more real when I start getting appointments scheduled and we get a better picture about what is happening.

Tuesday, we made a quick trip to Salt Lake to go back to school shopping for Spencer and Sam.  While we were there, an old companion of Spencer's asked him to stay a few days and help him lay some tile.  So, we left Spencer behind, said goodbye...AGAIN and came home.

Being with is friend has been really good for him I think.  It is good to be with someone who has already gone through the transitioning phase.  I talked to Spencer on the phone tonight and already, he sounds happier.

It's been great to have him home.  We have had some really awesome talks about life.  We have gone to the temple and enjoyed being together as a family!  


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