Friday, August 14, 2015

My Birthday Girl

Another birthday for my girl!

Shelbie turned 23 yesterday!

I look at her and I don't even know how we arrived here so fast!  In  many ways, I remember so clearly each stage of her life.  It's a cool thing to look back and see how each moment was a defining one.  For good or for made her the wonderful young woman she is today.

Shelbie likes people to think she is aloof and maybe even jaded but in reality, she is the most tender hearted person I know.  She is sweet and has an intense desire to not miss out on anything in life.  She has talent galore but doesn't always see the gifts that she offers the world around her as anything special.  I guess in a way, that keeps her humble.

As I think about Shelbie, there is so much to love but the thing I love the most about her, is the way she lives her life.  She is genuine and tenacious.  Okay...two things!

She doesn't stand for fake people, selfish people or people too consumed with 'life' to care about others.  She is who she is and she doesn't apologize for that but at the same time, she is herself in a humble, caring way.

Out of all the people I know, Shelbie has had more reasons to throw in the towel than anyone but she doesn't.  She may wobble a bit at times, but she always gets back up, brushes herself off and marches on. She gives the people who use her and hurt her more chances than they deserve...ever!  I love that about her.  She struggles through something until she understands it.  She laughs at hard times, she cries...she is real.

So...with another year behind us..

Happy Birthday...My DEAR!

Shelbie loves the white resin deer with antlers and requested a 'deer' cake.  the deer on the front of the cake is even edible!  It's sugar paper. 

Present opening!

Playing games


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