Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Bad to Worse

It's so crazy how we can go from status quo to a total disaster in 48 hours!


Trying not to panic...just yet.

So...last night, I ended up having to take Spencer into the ER.  He has not been able to keep any food in him for over a week.  When I say no food...I seriously mean, no food.  He is plagued with diarrhea, nausea and, well...I will spare you the bodily details.   By Wednesday night he could hardly stand on his own.  Even Gatorade made him sick.

At the ER, he received lots of fluids and orders to get fluids every day until Monday.  I think it is helping, at least he has a little more energy.  He is losing so much fluid and nutrients and since his gut is so sensitive and cramping, even drinking water is nearly impossible.  So...IV fluids are really necessary.

Today, Shelbie had her transfusion and Spencer had his IV therapy. Transfusion was going well.

 Since all three kids are scheduled for surgery on Monday, the surgeon dropped by to get a history on Shelbie since she couldn't leave the hospital to get to his office. He had asked for her CBC.  The nurse blurted out some numbers- 51 for platelets was a number she had tried to recall.  Without even skipping a beat, I said to the surgeon, "No, she meant 150, not 50."  We continued our conversation and I didn't think another thing about it.

As we left, much later than usual, I asked the nurse for the CBC.  She handed it to me and I was stunned.  Pancytopenia!!  All of Shelbie's blood lines are suffering.  Pretty darn low.  We haven't seen pancytopenia in a long, long time.  Most of all, I was disheartened at her low platelets at 51.

Unless she is working on getting a virus or something, this could quite possibly mean her ITP is back.  If her ITP is back...we are looking at more chemotherapy!  Last time it was 9 months!! Ugh

To say that Shelbie was upset would be, not only obvious, but well understated also.  I think it's safe to say she is already planning her funeral.

I couldn't believe it.  I like to think that maybe it was a calculation error but the fact that all three blood lines have dropped, is only wishful thinking for a virus.  As the night wears on, it's all becoming even more unbelievable that we are in this very lousy place...again!   I can't help but be grateful that we didn't go to Canada for my Grandma's funeral.  Leaving the country with counts like this wouldn't have been the smartest thing to do. Not to mention with a very sick Spencer.

Tomorrow, we are back at the hospital.   I sure hope we make it through the next few days.  I'm pretty concerned.  All day Sunday will be spent in bowel prep.  Surgery Monday will be tag team style and start at 6 am.  Hopefully by early afternoon, we will be home.

I have yet to report on our GI visit.  It was disheartening and worrisome... hence the colonoscopies and endoscopies.  Maybe I will get to that report next.

I know this for full time job is really getting in the way of my medical life!

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