Thursday, August 20, 2015

Better than this?

Do you ever sit in the middle of a day and think..."Wow, it doesn't get any better than this."

It's hard to imagine that in a world with so many opportunities to be scared, tired, worried, fearful and in pain, there would be moments that you wanted to freeze in time, when you could actually stand apart from the surface and wonder if life could really get any better.

This morning, Spencer and I spent 2 1/2 hours at the temple doing some sealing work with some friends.  I thought it would only be about an hour which would have worked out fine because I had to clean a house, but it took much longer.  I just couldn't stand the thought of leaving such a peaceful, happy place where families were being joined for eternity.

We left though and I got to my house to clean a full hour late.  When I arrived, the house was in chaos.  The elderly man, who is on Hospice, had become disoriented in the night and flooded the bathroom.  His dear sweet wife didn't hear because she sleeps upstairs and had closed the hall door to keep the dogs out from bothering her ailing husband.

I immediately got to work sopping up water on the bathroom carpet.  She was saying that she wanted a gate for the dogs so she could hear her husband and not have to close the door to keep the dogs out.  I had one at home that was on its way to the thrift shop.  I called Sam to see if he could run the gate up.   It's a really nice gate that also has a 'door' in it so you don't have to climb over it.

As I moved through the house cleaning up messes, the wife said, "I need you to hurry and get done because I can't keep the tears in much longer and I don't want to cry while your here."

I put down my stuff and gave her a hug, telling her I wouldn't let her cry alone.  Just as she was unloading on my shoulder, all of my kids pulled up in the driveway!  It was like a little miracle.

They came in with the gate.

Spencer got to work installing it.  Sam and Shelbie went down to the basement apartment to check on water damage from the flood and I started folding an overflowing basket of laundry.  Then Shelbie sat and visited with the wife and Sam finished helping Spencer.  Spencer gave her a blessing and then the kids went and got her some lunch.

It was such an incredible feeling to see all the kids working to serve this sweet couple.  I knew they had a long list of things they needed to do but they didn't complain.  Shelbie even offered to sit with her husband so she could get out of the house for a couple of hours.

It wasn't anything huge or monumental but it was so needed.  By the time I finished cleaning and the kids had brought lunch, she was smiling again and feeling so much better about their bleak situation.

It sure doesn't take much to make a person feel loved.   In fact, a little bit of love goes such a long way, not only for the person receiving the love but the people giving the love too!

Seeing my kids so happy and jumping in to help, melted my heart.  Everyone was so happy the rest of the day!  I couldn't imagine that life has ever been hard...for a minute at least.  I couldn't imagine that life could ever be anything but this kind of happiness.

It doesn't get much better than this.


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