Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back at it

I never realized that missing a week on my blog is like missing a part of myself.

I think we have bobbed back up to the surface of our somewhat stormy life and we are ready to find our new normal for a few weeks.

Spencer is doing so much better the last day or so.  Monday, almost felt like he was never gone.  The three kids together are having a great time.  Last night, as we all sat down for dinner and everyone was laughing and joking around, my heart was so full to see all the ways I have been blessed as a mother.  I might even say this stage of life is my favorite...

Not the part where they all leave me...but the part where they are all mature and can enjoy each other as best friends instead of siblings who had their moments of bickering and teasing.  It's amazing to see that they have all turned out pretty good so far.  They have learned to make the best of things and the most of a day.

Monday, I had a few minutes to get focused on what we need to do to get Spencer feeling better.  He still gets sick every day with nausea and pain.  Yesterday, he spent the better part of the day with pain around his heart and his sternum.   We have a few appointments scheduled but they are way out on the calendar.  I found out yesterday that our GI can no longer see the kids since he only sees patients up to age 19.  I begged and pleaded with the nurse to let us see him one more time but I'm not sure that is going to happen.

So...I'm on the hunt to replace the GI and figure out what to do about Oncology.  For now, we will see our local doc and do the upcoming biopsies at our local hospital but I feel like in some ways, we have outgrown that clinic.

Before Spencer got home, we had finally fallen into our snug little world of denial and living with DC had become a little easier.  Having to bring Spencer up to speed on things and get him scheduled to start this process all over again, has been really hard.  Harder than I thought it would be.

But such is life...


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