Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Scary Story

When I die and meet God, I am going to ask him one thing...

I would love for him to explain why he gave me all the rare, never before seen problems in the world?  We don't get your run of the mill trials...

Tuesday, when we were contemplating a trip to Salt Lake, I had this uneasy feeling about my car.  For one thing, the front tires are bald and second of all, there have been some odd problems with my tail lights.  They go out all the time.

After a little research months ago, I found out that this is a problem with Hyundais and when I called, they didn't have a way to fix it.  The weird thing is, the brake light problem is associated to a problem with the cruise control and affects the way that works.  I know this because I had both brake lights burn out and my cruise control stopped working.

Tuesday, I had this feeling that this whole issue was going to be a problem.  I ignored that but decided to at least have my tires rotated so better tires were on the front.  With the tire problem sort of solved, I pushed the other worries to the back of my mind and we took off.

About 2 1/2 hours into the trip, we were getting into some congested traffic.  I switched lanes to pass a string of slowing moving trucks.  I pushed the button to set my cruise and it didn't stop accelerating!  In a second the pedal was completely to the floor of the car.  I couldn't get it to stop.  I turned the cruise off but that didn't help.  We were accelerating fast and got past 90 mph.  There were cars in front of me and cars to the side of me and I was going faster than all of them!  I sort of panicked but more because I was shocked that the very thing I had worried about happening, was actually happening!

I was trying to slam on the brakes and nothing was working.  Spencer reached over the pulled the gear into neutral, shut the car off with the key and started pulling up on the emergency brake.  I found a small opening in the right lane and flew through that and onto the shoulder til I could coast to a stop. It was pretty darn scary!!  Like, really scary!

Even with the car stopped, the gas pedal was still completely down and touching the floor of the car.  Brings new meaning to 'pedal to the metal'.

Today, I called the dealership and they think they have a way to fix it and has in fact been recalled!   The service guy said he had heard that this could happen but hadn't actually heard of it happening!

Trust us to have the wild and crazy stuff happen. least we are all still alive!



  1. HOLY CRAP! So glad you guys are okay! that's so scary, good thinking Spencer!

  2. What? That's insane! I'm so glad you guys are ok! Crazy stuff for sure!