Sunday, July 12, 2015

Exhaust the Little Moment

This weekend finally arrived!   Slide The City!!  We bought tickets for this event the very first day they became available back in February!  It has been Sam's dream all year!  

Slide the City is a 300 yard slip and slide!  They set it up down one of the hills in town and away they went!  We bought an unlimited pass so they kids could slide from 8am til 5 pm as many times as they wanted.  They also got a cool hat, tube, mouth guard, t-shirt.  I sat on the blanket and supplied drinks and snacks and enjoyed the people, the music and basically doing NOTHING! 

It was well worth the money.  I was surprised at the turn out though.  They said they sold 2000 tickets but it didn't feel like 2000 people in attendance.  It was sort of weird because when I told people we were doing this, they looked at me weird like..."Why?"  Why?  Because you only live once!  That's why! 

Wow...two blogs in one week with pictures! 

Only part of the slide!

Sam and his friend Sam!  We call them Sam Squared!  Two great kids! 

Headed up the hill

Shelbie and her friend Kristy

Me and Shelbie
Even Shelbie had a great time!  She is a trooper.  Her friend came along as well as some guys they know.  She tried so hard to keep up but walking up that hill to the top was hard on her.  She didn't want to wimp out so she kept going.  Today, she is paying the price.  I'm proud of her for sticking it out.

At one point, a big storm moved in.  There were weather warnings issued for 45 mph winds and large hail. The winds came and picked up the whole side of the slide and wreaked havoc!  Shelbie was one of the first to run out to grab and edge.  The mats that the slide was on were slippery and she went flying down the pavement.  Needless to say...she is suffering with some impressive road rash!   Some Volunteers saw it happen and ran to her rescue before I could even stand up.

They got the volunteers spread out but some of the older women helping weren't too keen on the storm coming so Sam and his two friends ran out to help.  I was really proud of my kids for jumping in without being asked.  The ladies were very grateful for the help as well.

They closed the slide down til the storm passed and the boys held it down. 
It was a great day and another day that we were able to exhaust the little moment.


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