Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just like that...

I can't believe I have missed nearly a week of blogging.  It's been one of those weeks that has been crammed with everything that needed to be done at the same time.  I've been burning the midnight oil and then some.  In that past 48 hours, I have only gotten 6 hours of sleep!

So, here's the run down of the highlights.

We've had hospital appointments every day this week but Tuesday.  Tuesday night, I left on a little adventure.

I barely go anywhere without my kids.  This year, I've actually taken two road trips without my kids. It's interesting to be alone after so long of having company.  It's so strange not having someone keep track of the music we listen to, the temperature in the car, the temperature in the hotel room, where we stop, when we eat, what we eat; it's different.  I'm not use to it!

Anyways, my destination was Salt Lake City.  I've been talking to some people in Colorado who have a machine that realigns the frequency in your body.  Spencer knows them and he tried the machine a few times a week.  He claimed that it made him feel so much better.  These people have been trying to get me to come to Colorado for a year now.

Yesterday, they were in SLC at a Holistic Healing Conference.  She asked me several weeks ago if I would consider coming.  I said yes, not really thinking about how hard it would be to get away.  At any rate, I hated to let her down so I made plans to attend.

It was and interesting day.  I met them and they had their doctor with them who invented the machine.  He also does muscle testing so he ran me through the process.  I've never done anything like this before and I found it to be quite interesting.

When he started, he couldn't get my frequency 'turned off'.  He said, "You need to relax.  You must have a lot of anxiety."  I just kind of laughed but really wanted to cry.  Yes, a lot of anxiety is an understatement.  He finally had to put me on the machine before he could do the muscle testing.  Anyways, long story short, he found that my stomach is sitting too high and pushing up on my diaphragm which was cramming my lungs.  He asked if I was often out of breath, stressed, feeling resentment etc.  He was right on every count.  What's interesting is that he noted problems with my gallbladder.  I've been having a hard time eating the past few weeks.  I always feel sick after.  He also found that I was fighting against absorbing Vitamin B.

He hooked me up to this very simple machine for a few minutes and reset things.  To be honest, I didn't really feel any different but I imagine it takes several visits on the machine for it to make a difference.

I have always considered myself a 'healthy' person.  Not a holistic kind of person but I do dabble in alternative therapies but maintain a good balance.  This conference had all sorts of vendors set up and as I wandered around, I felt like a lot of it was kind of weird.  I realized that on the spectrum...I'm not really all that natural and healthy at all.  In fact, after tasting the vegan brownies made with dates, I felt like I wanted a chocolate donut chaser!

Today, was IVIG for Shelbie.  Nothing out of the ordinary but these days at the hospital are so exhausting.

In other news...I am in a blogging makeover challenge so, you may see some changes over the weekend.  I'm a little behind but isn't that par for course these days?


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