Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All at once

Sometimes, life happens all at once.

So fast and so's overwhelming.

Sometimes, it happens in the smallest of things...Like...

Seeing an amazing photo that Shelbie has taken.
Looking at Sam and seeing this amazingly handsome, well rounded young man.
Reading a letter for Spencer and feeling overcome with the spirit because his testimony leaves me speechless.

And then to think...these are my people!  I don't know how I became so blessed to have children like this.  They are loving and kind and special and it overwhelms me at times.  They didn't get to be involved in team sports, or piano lessons or gymnastics or dancing or honor classes and they aren't Eagle scouts or anything great in terms of the world.  They didn't learn the alphabet at age 1.  They weren't solving math equations while painting Picasso replicas before age 3. They never had a GPA of 4 or anything close really...

Nope...but they are so much more! Their talent and skill runs so much deeper than any of that.

I see members of my family struggling with illness- my dad, my sister and that feels sad.
I see people I love giving up on God and giving in to the world and that breaks my heart.
I see the sadness and loneliness in a total stranger and I can't stand it.
I see the first visits of Hospice to my friend's husband and wonder...not another one being taken.

It all comes at once and sometimes it just feels like too much to balance, to handle, to hold in my heart.   I guess better at once than not at all...


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