Friday, May 8, 2015

Surviving or Thriving?

If you're me, this is a big question!

All I have done for the past 10 years is survive.  I'm tired of just surviving.  Just getting by and never getting ahead.   It seems that health issues and making money consumes literally every second of every day without a break.

Each year, I make it a point to take a class.  Any class that interests me.  I have taken tons of writing classes, Interior Design classes,  and last year, my all time favorite class- The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown.   I actually took two of her classes last year.   I usually find something at a University just a couple of hours from here and take it online.  Brene Brown was offered through Oprah.

Oprah recently announced another class by Ariana Huffington called Thrive.  It's a six week course all about how to go from what you know you should be doing, to how to actually do it.  I sat on this offer for a few weeks and did a little more reading on it before deciding to sign up.

The class started last week.  I was excited to get started!  Super excited!  Just the thought of actually thriving for once was such a wonderful thought.   But then...

Well, doctor's happened, lack of money happened, more jobs happened, a small flood in my laundry room and basement happened...and here I am on a Friday night, not quite sure I will SURVIVE the weekend!

I signed up to paint an office.  A huge office!  I was hoping it would pay really well so that I could get some credit cards paid off.  Well, it's proving to be extremely time consuming!  It takes all the spare minutes I don't have!  Ugh...

Tonight, I had hoped to wrap up early so I could catch up on my first week of Thriving class but no such luck!  

Someday...someday...I really hope I figure out how to thrive!  I'm tired of just being a word I flirt with when I dare to dream.  I word I crave and hunger after.   Until then, I will just cram myself with another sturdy helping of survival!


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