Saturday, May 9, 2015

Stumpy McNuckles

Stumpy McNuckles.

Yes, that is the name that my kids have affectionately named me.  For real!  Not just recently either, they've been calling me this for over a year.  It's how I know they love me.  Last week, when we were in Utah waiting to get checked into the hospital, Shelbie asked me, in all seriousness what I wanted on my headstone when I die.

"Why? Do you think I'm going to die anytime soon?"  I asked.
"I don't know, it's just something I should know, in case."  She said.
"Well, I don't really care.  It's not like anyone is going to come and see me when I'm dead so put whatever you want on it."
"Okay.  So, you won't mind if I put Stumpy McNuckles?"
"Nope.  I don't mind if you put Stumpy McNuckles."  LOL....

I guess you are wondering how I got this name.  It's a funny story.  Well, not that funny but it's funny that my kids won't let it go!

Last year, while passing time at a doctor's appointment, I found this website that converted your name to your Leprechan name.  Mine came up as Stumpy McNuckles.  It stuck.

I mean it really stuck.  There is no getting rid of this name.

My kids even changed my name in their phone from MOM to Stumpy McNuckles.  If they ever get in a car crash and the police find their phones to call me, they will have no clue who their mom is.  They will never think to call someone with the name of Stumpy.

When they are with their friends and I call or text, the friends are very confused when they see my new name come up.  Now, their friends call me Stumpy.

Last night, Shelbie brought a boy over for the first time and her friend was with them.  When they walked in, Shelbie and her friend hollered up, "Hey Stumpy, we're home!"  

I peered over the railing from the loft and said hello.  I could see this young man's face and he wasn't sure if he should laugh or say hi.  I eventually set him straight on my real name.  I don't think I look anything like a Stumpy McNuckles.

It kind of makes me laugh when my kids call me this.   I guess it's better than Horace.  That is the name they have for their dad.  I'm not entirely sure where that name came from but Horace it is!


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