Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day and Anniversaries

Mother's Day...

Either you love it or you hate it.

It is not a day I am usually fond of.  It comes with so many expectations.  Expectations for others; for yourself.  It's a day when any maternal error you ever made suddenly surfaces like acne on your wedding day.  It's full of insecurities and regrets and most of us don't like to celebrate the day.  Yet, at the same time, if no one acknowledges our best efforts, that doesn't feel any better and worse yet, if they do!!  Then you feel guilty and selfish.  See?  Mother's Day is a quandary.

Complicate an already complicated day with your would be 24th anniversary...that is if you hadn't gotten divorced and then...throw in the 10th anniversary of your divorce!!!  Yep.  Complicated.

Oh, but it doesn't stop there... then invite your Wasband over to spend the day and eat dinner whilst you wait for your son to call from his mission and pretend to not remember that 10th is both your wedding anniversary and divorce anniversary.  It's a big ball of dysFUNction.

Ya, I pretty much hate Mother's Day.  Pretty much, it's a crummy day and has been for the past 10 years at least!   I had planned to do nothing and told my kids not to worry about it.  We went for a quick lunch on Saturday and I thought maybe we should just call Mother's Day, Kid's Day.  I mean why not?  Without my kids, I wouldn't be a mother.  So, I presented that idea to them at lunch and asked them what the best part of being a kid in our family was.

I thought I might get some fun memories, endearing moments...nope.  Apparently, all they could come up with were the 8 months in 23 years that weren't the best!  So, Kid's Day didn't last long.  I finally suggested we just bag it all.  When you don't have a husband cueing the kids and orchestrating something, nothing is really going to happen.

We left lunch and went our ways.  Shelbie and I both had to work and Sam had activities planned with his friends.

Sunday, I was determined not to let the day be awful so I decided the best thing to do was serve my kids.  Do something motherly.  Feel gratitude that I have kids to serve still.  So, I made them breakfast in bed and then a nice dinner that we all enjoyed, their dad too.

It wasn't the best day ever but it wasn't the worst either and that was nice for a change.

I can't believe I have been on my own for 10 years.  That's crazy!  I didn't even think I would survive one year let alone a whole decade.   I can't even believe I survived this past week!!  Ha ha.  My next post will be all the drama that packed itself into last week!

Anyways, as it goes, my kids bought me flowers, a funny card and a gift card to Dairy Queen.  I love them and love being a mother.  I haven't been stellar at my job of mothering but I can honestly say I've done my best.

A little sign I made for them

Breakfast in bed.  Strawberry, Nutella, Banana crepe for Sam and a Bacon, Egg and cheese sauce crepe for Shelbie

A little something from my kids. 
A big shout out to my own mom who may not think she did a great job either but she did!  She's awesome!   Happy Mother's Day!


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